Personal Capital 2018 Tax Guide for Holistic Financial Planning

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Most Americans hate to think about taxes. Understandably, they find tax management complex and overwhelming – viewed as a necessary evil to deal with every time April comes around.

But what if you approached taxes with a different philosophy? What if you thought about the long-term impact of tax planning and actively managed your taxes throughout the year in order to improve your tax outcomes today and over the years to come?

The Personal Capital 2018 Tax Guide for Holistic Financial Planning is designed to help you approach taxes within the framework of holistic financial planning, including retirement, health care, legacy and estate planning, and more.

Taxes intersect many aspects of our lives, and at each intersection, there is another opportunity to increase the amount of money you ultimately get to take home or pass along.

Read our free Personal Capital 2018 Tax Guide for Holistic Financial Planning to learn more.

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This blog is for informational purposes only; we are not in the business of providing tax or legal advice and we generally recommend seeking the advice and counsel of a tax professional before taking any action that may cause a material taxable event.

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