Don’t Drop the Ball in 2016: Create Your New Year Financial Plan

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  • Start off the new year and build a plan for your financial future.
  • Focus on automating your savings and planning for retirement.
  • Beware of sales and impulse buys.

2015 is almost a wrap, and there’s no better time to get your financial priorities in order. This New Year, give our guide to financial success a shot, and you’ll be ready to handle anything that comes your way in 2016:

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Marianne Ahlmann

Marianne Ahlmann

Marianne is Communications and Content Manager at Personal Capital.


  1. James Peterson

    The FACT for Section 04 is:

    The Average Outstanding
    Balance on a Credit Card
    Card Account.

    Really? A Credit Card Card Account. Is that like an Automated Teller Machine Machine?

    • Steven

      @James Peterson
      Clearly you are a Personal Capital customer or have, at the very least, voluntarily subscribed to receive their communications so why would you use a public forum to point out such a small and inconsequential typo on an infographic that took much thought and effort for another human to create? I never thought I would see a bully or troll on a personal finance blog, how sad. The classy and professional move would have been to contact Marianne or your adviser directly to inform them of the error so they could correct it discreetly. I wish you more love, kindness, and respect for the holidays and new year…

      • Buckster

        Great response to an inane comment. My guess is most people, like me, never noticed the typo and for good reason: it didn’t keep anyone’s brain from understanding the point.


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