Hillary vs. Donald: The 2016 Election & Your Retirement

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The 2016 presidential election is nothing if not polarizing – but ask most Americans and they can agree on one thing: they’re worried about the markets whether it’s a new Mr. or Madam President that takes office this January. And according to an analysis of markets during elections past, we expect that there will at least be a spike in short term volatility around Election Day.

The fact of the matter is that markets aren’t concerned about who wins, but many individual investors are. At this point, most experts predict a Clinton win, but if Trump does get elected, we still might see a knee-jerk market reaction downward due to the uncertainty it would bring. Let’s take a step back though. So many voters today are only thinking about money in terms of the economy this election season – and very few are thinking about their money beyond the four years we’re currently voting for.

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What Does The Election Have To Do With Retirement?

Today 10,000 Americans retire daily, and that number will only increase when Millennials – the largest generation in the U.S. ever – enter retirement. While most Millennials are still 40 years away from retirement, we’ll see millions of Boomers and Gen X’ers reach retirement age long before Millennials even start thinking about it. And guess what? Whether you’re 20 or you’re 70, it’s important to evaluate how the candidates you support (and even the ones you don’t) will affect your personal finances, such as the security of your retirement. So we set out to reveal if the candidate you’ll be voting for makes a difference in how you feel about your retirement security, healthcare, education or taxes. After polling the people of America in our election survey, we found out it does.

The Results Are In

At the time of polling, Americans were worried about their money regardless of who takes over after Barack Obama. But they’re not as worried as they should be about the things their votes actually have the power to change. Here’s the thing – outside of voting, there is little the average American can do about the economy or the stock market. We can and should worry about those things, but should they be our biggest worries? Nope. In addition to caring about broad political issues that affect our quality of life, it’s just as important to care about the improvements we have the power to make in our daily lives – things like finally starting that retirement plan, paying down debt, or improving spending habits to be better off in the long-term. To see how the average American feels about their retirement security going into this year’s election, check out our survey video:

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Key Findings:

The truth is, regardless of who wins the 2016 Presidential Election stocks don’t care about good presidents and bad presidents. Historically, presidents and policy don’t have much impact on the stock market. It will always go up and down and as a long-term investor, you shouldn’t let your political views design your investment strategy.

1. Retirement Woes Based on Candidate: Slightly more Americans are worried about the effect on their retirement savings if Hillary Clinton becomes president. Over two-thirds of Republicans are very worried about their retirement savings if Clinton gets the vote. Less than 3/5 Democrats are worried about their retirement savings if Donald Trump is elected.

2. Retirement Savings by Party: Republicans are more likely to have a retirement account than Democrats.

3. Millennial Views on Donald Trump: Regardless of party, Millennials don’t have an overwhelming amount of faith in Trump when it comes to their retirement security. 49% are worried about their retirement if he wins the presidency.

4. Concerns Going into the Election: Retirement savings just isn’t a top concern for Americans. When surveyed, retirement savings came in 2nd to last out of the 12 most important problems facing the U.S. today.

This survey was conducted online within the United States by Ipsos on behalf of Personal Capital from June 17-19, 2016. For complete survey methodology, including weighting variables, please contact [email protected]

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  1. Mark Cassell

    Really? An entire segment on the election and retirement no discussion of which of the candidate’s platforms is better for retirement. Trump is calling for 3 tax brackets and large cuts in taxes – most of which would go to the wealthiest Americans and corporations. Trump hopes such stimulus will lead to a growth rate that will not require increased taxes to cover an losses. Clinton is calling for a major investments in infrastructure, minimum wage increases, paid family leave, and subsidies to college students. She wants to pay for it through tax increases on the wealthiest and the elimination of tax loop wholes.

    So which of these sets of policies does Personal Capital believe is better for our retirement? Why ask us? You’re the experts.

  2. Joe Dipietro

    I’m very concerned about my retirement account but I have more confidence that Trump is the better candidate.

  3. Henry Rennar

    Interesting commentary Tamar….it appears many Americans (mostly Democrats) will not be properly prepared for retirement. You also indicate most Republicans are more likely to plan for retirement and it appears most Republicans are worried if Hillary gets elected. However, you mentioned millennials don’t favor Trump, so I can assume most millennials are either democrats, independents or not registered to vote. With this information, I can safely say that it is likely most of your customers are republicans that believe in planning for retirement and are very worried if Hillary gets elected. I understand your company is located in Silicon Valley.
    Does your company support Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?

  4. Chris Neeson

    I’m a millennial Voting Trump, I have no faith in Hillary. She has a different agenda then her husband had and it’s more in line with Obama who I voted for the last election.

    If Hillary gets in, not only are jobs doomed. But the market is as well and so is the risk for war.

    • Anonymous

      than her husband

    • Anonymous

      Trump’s policies are expected to slow down economic growth in the US and possibly around the world. This isn’t politics but plain numbers and economics. I wonder, for example, how you think the economy has done under Obama? By any kind of objective, factual measure, the US economy is doing really well right now under Obama, but there are a lot of people that will tell you otherwise simply because of their political disposition.

      When it comes to their own money, however, people are a lot more cautious; any kind of good news for Trump has consistently been bad news for markets. Just look at what’s been happening the past few days if you need any proof. If the mere threat of a Trump presidency can shake up markets like this, just ask yourself what would happen if he actually won.

  5. Charles Childs

    If Hillary gets elected, it will be the same fat pigs at the trough—getting fatter. God help us if we double our national debt in the next 8 years, as we have in the last 8.

    The only way we have to ever reverse that is to elect Donald Trump, or someone like him.

    • Dee

      If you look at a time chart of the National Debt you will see that the Iraq War was the worst thing in the recent past. Obama did increase the debt but it was to pull the country out of the Great Recession.

      I am not a huge Obama fan but your reasoning is flawed.

  6. Donald Montfort

    I do not think it will make any immediate difference if it is Trump or Hillary. I think the make up of the congress will have a greater affect over the next two years as to what the future holds for this country. The other item would be the world economy which we have to adjust to other countries and people and there desires. I am optimistic that baring any wars we will come out OK.

  7. Alejandro Mendoza

    Money is importat in retirement , but to me , good values are way more import than money, I’m talking about my kids and grandkids here , Trump may not be perfect but Hillary would be the worst roll model for my family !!!!

    • z

      So what exactly has trump that promote values? Cheat on his wives, sexually harass women, don’t pay your fair share of taxes? Either trump has deplorable values or you do.

      • Deplorable Clifford

        Spoken like a true emotional liberal. Thanks for regurgitating the left talking points since you cannot interject actual true economic talking points into the debate.

        Lower taxes equal more money in pockets of the people. More money in the pockets of people and companies means they spend and invest more. More investment equals more jobs and an expanded tax base which puts more money into social security and allows you to put more money into an IRA or private retirement account if you choose not to spend the extra money from reduced taxes.

        So there is your ffree economic lesson for the day. You’re welcom.

        • Phil

          Trump has been a scar on humanity for at least the 35 years I’ve been aware of him. Entitled, self aggrandizing, and only cares about himself. No respect for anyone else, especially women and anyone who isn’t a rich white guy like himself. He’s not the kind of person you want your kids to emulate. He cheats on his wife, cheats on his taxes, cheats the people that are unfortunate enough to work for him, this guy has a very long history as a piece of shit as a human being and you’re worried about Hillary? Welcome to planet earth, you’ve been under a rock for 35 years.

          • Gensch

            There is no record of Trump cheating on his taxes. The Net Operating Loss carryforward has been on the books since about 1918. It’s politicians like Clinton and her running mate who put the write-offs in the tax code and keep it there. If Trump uses the write-offs, he’s doing what he should do. The corrupt politician will ALWAYS blame the taxpayer for corrupt tax laws.

        • Epilson

          Spoken like a true backward conservative. Thanks for regurgitating conservative talking points that have obviously not worked in the past. No, trickle-down economics doesn’t work. We’ve already tried it when just about any Republican was around and it only results in the income gap getting larger.

          What actually ends up happening is that the rich doesn’t end up plowing the extra money back into the economy. Meanwhile, all social services collapse, and essential services become only affordable to the wealthy.

          So there’s your free lesson in reality for the day. Enjoy.

          • Anonymous

            Thank you!!!

        • Judy Chen

          That’s a pretty delusional view of what you think will happen under a Trump presidency. Do you think Trump will work hard to cut taxes for anyone other than the ultra rich? He’s enjoyed not paying taxes for two decades. He’s never shown remorse for that. At least Warren Buffett has publicly lamented that it is simply wrong that his secretary pays a higher tax bracket than he does. Oh, and by the way, Buffett endorses Hillary. So while you pretend that you know something about the economy, why don’t you listen to some successful businessmen like Buffett, Bloomberg and Cuban?

        • Matty

          Why don’t you just look at how your ideas did for Kansas with the GREAT EXPERIMENT by Governor Brownback. Tax cuts = state decline and shutdown.

      • dannyf

        Here here!

      • Mike

        It is interesting you say that looking at the record Clinton has. Risking American life’s, no value for our military. We are voting for class President here we are voting who take the USA to the next level. Trump may not have the right personality for the average American but he had lot better agenda for The USA than his socialist counterpart God help us if Hillary is elected and Clinton wants to open our borders and lead us in a open hemisphere her socialist agenda will break the government which increase the nations debt as well as your taxes.

      • Mallory

        Don’t we all try to pay the least taxes as possible? Why are people judging him for avoiding? If our tax person could find ways to reduce our tax or increase our refund you would be lying if you say you wouldn’t do it!

      • Meg Cuddihee

        I think Trumps position on torture will not only erode our alliances but will have an enormous economic impact on this country. Prosperity is grounded in confidence and worthiness. If Trump is elected every young person in America will carry the burden of torture as a campaign promise.
        If Trump loses I suspect that particular campaign promise will go away for at least 40 years.

    • FB

      What are values? How do you measure them? Are your values better than mine? How a President influences your ‘values’?
      I notice that we have a tendency to talk about values when we don’t really know what that means or we don’t have a clear way to defend our positions in life..
      We should keep values to ourselves, if you happen to find any!

  8. Michael Sestak

    Obama and Hillary — and the entire Democratic Party — is a criminal enterprise. Lock them up for the good of the country.

    The only people in this country that should be allowed to vote are those that either (A) own property or (B) pay taxes. If a person’s claim-to-fame is being a welfare recipient, they should forfeit their right to vote.

    • Anonymous


    • dannyf

      That goes for those at the corporate welfare trough.

    • Mike

      Agreed. As the democratic is buying votes through welfare, more social programs more taxes. More National debt. Now she wants to let other country refugees into our our already strained economy. You want to talk no taxes, we have to pay for all these immigrants. At least Trump as learned to invest, look at universal life insurance it is the best way to gain money without having to pay taxes.

    • Anonymous

      Pay taxes? Your candidate doesn’t…moron

    • James

      ‘(B) pay taxes’ – so that means Trump can’t even vote, let alone be president

    • Chris Ball

      So people who don’t pay taxes cannot vote. Then Trump isn’t allowed to vote for himself, since he doesn’t pay taxes.

  9. Ridwan

    Are you all serious? Electing Trump for President of the US makes no sense at all.
    Shouting and pointing fingers makes good TV, but not a good leader. For the market’s to have any faith in the US, it needs to be led by a credible, informed leader. Hiring Trump for the job of President is like hiring a Plumber as your Neurologis–t It doesn’t matter how successful his business may be, it’s nowhere aligned with the needs for the position.
    While a Clinton presidency will mean more of the same, that’s surely favorable for the markets to the complete unpredictability that a Trunp presidency will mean.

  10. Marri Derby

    Don’t think only about your money. If you actually read the article, who becomes president has very little to do with your money or the market. It just has an effect on how you feel. So, vote not based on perceptions of your pocket book, but Vote for who you believe agrees with you most on issues: Education, the Environment, the Death Penalty, Roe v. Wade, Acceptance of Others Not Like You vs. Exclusion of Others Not Like You, Climate Change, Health Care Just For You or Should the Poor Have Health Care Too… How do you envision a healthy, moral, and just society?

  11. Jon

    I find the claim that Millenials are the largest generation ever to be dubious, I think that honor still belongs to the Baby Boomers. I suppose, you could tweak the cutoff years to come up with whatever population you want; but if for example you use Pew Research numbers, they claim that there are 75.4M Millenials vs 74.9M Baby Boomers, but remember that Baby Boomers are older, so at those numbers would imply that there were more Baby Boomers at their peak. It’s also worth noting that current births are post-Millenial, so the Millenial population will not be growing.

  12. z

    You trump supporters are unbelievable. Simply unbelievable.

    Absolutely no substance on plan for the economy or anything else: https://www.donaldjtrump.com/policies/economy/

    His companies have gone bankrupt

    Yet, Trump is going to protect your retirement projection.

    Oh ok!

  13. Hillary for Prison

    I’m a millennial and voted for Trump already. Hillary is the most corrupt politician ever, and so is her foundation. She takes money in return for favors to the highest bidder, not to mention the recent scandal of her cheating on debates by getting fed questions in advance.

    Hillary wants to keep Obamacare which has proven to be a disaster. My parents who are self employed are seeing a 30% increase in premiums next year, and the coverage is garbage . You might as well not have insurance, but you’re required to buy it!

    Hillary is a compulsive liar and will say anything or pander to anyone to be elected.

    Trump is a smart businessman, and leader, and he will appoint the right people to return the government to be for the people.

    • Epilson

      “Smart” – so why wasn’t he smart enough to avoid getting caught up in sex scandals? Or why wasn’t he smart enough to not lose billions of dollars running an Atlantic City casino?

  14. Capitalism With Conscience

    I’m a business owner and investor and I cannot in good conscience support Donald Trump.

    I believe many investors support Trump in part due to aspirational desires, hoping they will be one day in a tax bracket large enough to be eligible for cuts and regulatory obligations being lessened.

    However, for a society to thrive and prosper and for a truly healthy economy, society has to be healthier. I believe that a healthier more educated workforce, paid livable salaries, and protection of natural resources is better long term for both my business and personal life. I don’t fear tax increases, because I don’t mind giving back to a country that’s given me so much. I don’t fear regulation, because I realize that some powerful corporations and interests will abuse their position without clear parameters and enforcement of those rules. I’m much more concerned about the concentration of corporate power than the vague “regulation” complaints many in business have. I believe we all do better when we ALL do better.

    I operate in a very regulated and technical space. By and large, I find the regulations reasonable. Some are challenging but at the same time, I also understand why they are in place, in many cases due to previous abuses of the system against smaller businesses such as mine by those with large capital and lobbying influence. I have no reason to believe Trump would fight against these abuses.

    Donald Trump is not an outsider as people believe. He has admitted openly he practiced cronyism and pay to play politics. I cannot trust Trump to have solid policy beliefs that do anything but draw from the same influences and interests of the GOP, his examples of federal judge nominees is but one example. I do not trust Trump to be forward thinking, to adapt to new methods and scientific evidence. He is continuing to rehash old policies and old ideas, example, repatriating manufacturing, disinterest in clean energy transitions, etc.

    I admit that Hillary is a flawed candidate. She is an established politician and people who see “politics” dislike it. But elections are not a winner take all. Each election moves the ball down the field one way or the other. And I expect Hillary and those who she appoints or who work around her, to move towards policies much more to my liking and more rational than the bellicose and contradictory beliefs espoused by Donald Trump. I recognize the frustration in Trump’s voters, but he is not the answer to the problem and his stubbornness is a troubling sign. If a man will not listen to his own campaign advisors about temperament and conduct, how can he be trusted to sit down with foreign leaders, be taken seriously, and know how to negotiate?

    Clinton is flawed but experienced and level headed. Trump is a bull in a china shop. I cannot trust my country or my business to progress under his administration and the uncertainty it would create. On Mr. Trump vs. Ms. Clinton, Mark Cuban and I agree.

    • Aaron

      Great response!!! Well said. Trump’s policy on everything is basically “trust me”. How can we trust that a corrupt and greedy narcissist will change things for the better for most Americans? He’s given no clear guidance on how he will “make America great again” as he would say. The global stock markets, businesses (large and small) and America thrive when there is a clear direction for the country. If he runs the country like his businesses, god help us.

    • M. X.

      Wow, that was a great speech.

    • Frank

      Sincerely agree, thank you Capitalism with Conscience.

  15. S. White

    All have valid points. However, don’t allow your dislike of Hilary Clinton force you to vote for a poor business person, who is racist, biased and no respecter of woman. I’d rather have my dog in office than him. Hilary Clinton has a long political career and has been a long time advocate of children and education. She gets my vote.

    • Kimmy

      Yes, I know we have to say we are voting for Hilary or the protesters and celebrities will storm our houses, but like everyone else I will be voting for Trump.

    • SPS

      You are a sad bunch! All of you Liberals are a sad bunch. You are willing to elect a lying, power-hungry, murdering mobster who committed treason but was not prosecuted because if you mess with Hillary your life expectancy is going to be short. You folks just bury your heads in the sand like an Ostrich thinking that if you didn’t personally see it, it didn’t happen. How can you, in good conscience, even consider her as the leader of the free world and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces? You are the same folks that would vote for Al Capone for POTUS if he promised to give you free liquor. You Liberals are a sad, sad bunch.

  16. Joe

    I got one word…Obamacare. Millennial who just voted Trump.

  17. JB

    I can not believe how much Trump get us more divided, it prays on the American people fears: fears of a more diverse country, fear of ISIS, fear of the market crashing. The guy is accon artist, misogynist, racist, dangerous… When most of people who work for someone hate him, it speaks volume…

  18. DC

    Trump stands for something, Hillary you stand for nothing !

  19. Don S

    I am supporting Hillary for many of the reasons that were explained by the person whose heading above was Capitalism With Conscience. I am impressed with Hillary’s history of accomplishments over many years. Working for health and welfare of families and children and think her slogan of Stronger Together signifies her willingness to work across the aisle in Congress to get meaningful legislation accomplished. I do not like Trump’s values, his history of aggressive abuse of women over the years. I don’t like his arrogance and claiming he can teach the top military leaders how to run the military. As Mark Cuban has pointed out, he does not understand Obamacare and just wants to trash it. His ideas for replacing it are vague and not well thought out. I don’t like the fact that he views Putin as a model of leadership. He has not been forthcoming about his taxes and it appears he hasn’t paid any for maybe 20 years. He won’t release his tax returns so he is obviously hiding something. He has taken tax deductions which even his advisors have told him are unlikely to stand up under the scrutiny of an audit. Clinton has made some mistakes and has admitted it and learned from it. Trump refuses to admit errors in judgment or in business and never apologies for anything. I do not trust Trump’s judgment in dealing with foreign leaders and wouldn’t want his finger anywhere near the trigger of a nuclear bomb. He is impulsive and vengeful and a hateful man as well as all of the other things alluded to by anti-Trump writers above. i think Hillary is the steady thoughtful progressive POTUS we need.

  20. Concerned

    Let me start by saying, I wish we had other options and I think that is how most Americans feel. That said, no way could I vote for Trump. Trump is a divider and that is not what our country needs or should be about. He has NO real policies and based on the debates, he doesn’t seem to take the presidency serious enough to learn the facts and be prepared. Saying you’re going to cut taxes is not a plan, it’s an idea. There is no way he can cut taxes by as much as he says. It’s not fiscally possible. Who would benefit the most by his tax cuts, HIM. I believe in tax cuts for business who actual create a job, not just give tax breaks with the hope that a job will be created. Why can’t tax cuts be tied to hiring and not just given. Next, he’s going to build a wall. How does that get paid for? Any expert would tell you it will cost billions of dollars and NO Mexico isn’t going to pay for it. He wants to deport millions of immigrants but, the cost to do that would not be possible not to mention the task. Why not give them a way to be here legal and have them pay taxes and that way we will know who is here as well. I’m not saying citizenship but, legal status. I see a pattern here, say you’re going to do something but, it’s not doable.
    Now what really gets me is everyone stating he’s a business man, he’ll know how to handle the economy. Well, here’s my take. He has filed for bankruptcy 6 or more times. Does that sound like a good business man? He stiffed so many small businesses out of their money he owed either by just not paying them because he knew they could not afford to sue him and many went out of business. He filed bankruptcy and they just didn’t get paid because of that. Where is the integrity in that? What about those people and all the workers. He doesn’t like trade but, every product of his is made outside of the US. What about his taxes? He won’t show them because he knows there are a lot of shady things in them. What he has done might be legal to do based on the tax laws but, if people found out what he was doing, they wouldn’t like it. Maybe he just isn’t as wealthy as he wants you to believe. We know he hasn’t paid taxes for 18 years. Bet you have, I know I have.
    When it comes to Trade, NAFTA doesn’t look like it was the best plan, I agree. I worked in a factory at the time this trade agreement went through. That said, we need some sort of trade agreement with other countries, they just need to lean a little more our way, we can’t be isolationist. Don’t kid yourself, those jobs are gone and they are not coming back no matter what he says. We need to look at new technologies to create better jobs. Don’t just blame the agreement; blame the companies who took those jobs overseas.
    Lastly, I see a lot of people have an opinion Obamacare. I want to say, I did not like the way that it was pushed through. What I do believe is that everyone should have the right to health care. Recently it was reported that rates are going up. Well, for the last 30 years that I have been working, medical cost has gone up every year. It’s not just Obamacare that is causing the increases. Increases were happening long before Obamacare. Does something need to be done, for sure? The system needs to be modified and changes need to happen but, it does not need to be repealed. I wasn’t alive when social security was put into place but, the same issues occurred with social security and I don’t see many looking to stop Social Security. If you repeal it, what do you replace it with?

    Trump has huge character flaws. Start with his sexual comments and actions. The way he degraded a handicap person, how he talks about women. The things he said about / to Megyn Kelly. The things he said about John MaCain, war hero. Comments to the gold star family. His temperament is out of control. Could you imagine him speaking with one of our allies and he doesn’t agree with them? I could go on and on…
    Trump isn’t out for you or I, he’s out for himself. What makes you think a wealthy, shady business man has your best interest at heart? I could go on and on but, I will stop here. I rambled long enough.
    One last thing, I think America is already great! Wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

  21. Brent

    Not only does Trump not have the temperament to handle those with opposing ideas or viewpoints, he doesn’t have the intellect and attention span to analyze complex problems. His simple-minded tactics of intimidation and bullying might work for real-estate development, but never in the real business world, let alone a job as demanding at the US presidency.

    • Victor

      The Real American
      What is a Real American?
      He is a Patriot , not a Partisan. He votes. He pays his taxes honestly. He keeps informed on Public Questions.
      He is clean of Race Prejudice, and wants the Black man or the Yellow man to have equal previlege and opportunity with himself .
      He hates Militarism, but is ready to serve in army or navy when his country is at war.
      His heart beats a little faster when he sees the Stars and Stripes. He is made up of three spiritual ingredients, Washington, Franklin, Lincoln.
      He respects Women, any Woman. He looks you straight in the eye, and says plainly what he thinks. He honors those who work and has a wholesome contempt for Idlers. He speaks slowly, and means a little more than he says. He is tolerant of anything except intolerance. He doesn’t care what your Religious Beliefs is, so long as you are Decent. He has a humor of his own, but laughs with his eyes more than with his mouth.
      He is a Good Looser.
      Once in four years he goes on a political debauch, yielding himself up to the most primitive and narrow party spirit; but when it is over he is one more an American, forgets his late passion , and is for the man who was elected, no matter which party was successful.
      His creed is not “I am as good as anybody ” but is “Anybody is as good as I.”
      He likes to make money, but likes to see everybody around him make money also. He does not enjoy Riches in the midst of Poverty. He wants a family of his own, a Business of his own, a house of his own and an Opinion of his own.
      His is not a stock, or a race , or a breed; it is a Spirit. His parents may be French, Italian, Czech, Polish or German; but he has caught another Spirit; he has
      been born again, he is an American.
      He is a Reformer, not a Revolutionist. He hates Class. When laws do not suit him he does not break them, he changes them.
      His is the newest Nation; his is the Youth of Humanity. He is Loyal to his Family , to his Friends, and to his Country. But his Loyalty does not imply Lying and Spying, Cruelty and Inhumanity. He wants nothing for his own Country he would not be willing for other Countries to have for themselves. (Copyright 1918, by Frank Crane)
      I migrated to the United States of America when I was 10 years old and this has helped me to become a Real American.

  22. Andrea Winchester

    In order to hate Hillary, you have to believe lies, gossip., innuendos, a 30 year history of negative propaganda and Trump’s constant barrage of hate speech. You have to believe there is something “hidden” and secret about her that despite constant legal harassment has remained unproven.

    In order to hate Trump, all you have to do is listen to him speak– nothing hidden here. He has already been found guilty of illegal, racist and larcenous activities. Supporting Trump instead of Hillary says a lot more about YOU than it does either of them.

  23. Tim

    After reading all these comments, it seems all the Hilary backers have valid educated points, and Trump backers are frothing at the mouth, and angry. Just because you didn’t see Hilary murder someone, doesn’t mean she didn’t. Just because you didn’t see Trump sexually assault several women, including a 13 year old, doesn’t mean he didn’t. If you would all would just take a minute, a deep breath, and relax. Do you really want to reverse all that President Obama did with the LGBT community? If so, that is just pure hate in your heart. Do you want to really reverse Wade vs Roe? That’s the leave them barefoot and pregnant ideal. What makes you think Trump will actually do anything for our health insurance? What did he actually propose to help those that are less fortunate as “us”, that do have really good health insurance? Do poor people actually have less rights than us, that have earned income? Maybe we should just get rid of them all, how do you propose? Gas chamber, scientific experiments, or maybe a firing squad? Or f’ them, they were born in poverty, or had bad luck, let them starve in the streets.

    I really don’t understand the thinking of Trump supporters, unless it is because there is so much anger in them, they can’t think straight. That is what Trump is all about that someone said earlier, feeding on the fear and anger of the American people. What do you think Trump thinks about, when he lies in his tanning bed, with his Super Sunnies/Peepers on, while his valet wipes the sweat off his brow? Oh those poor unfortunate middle class people…

  24. J

    Markets hate uncertainty, so a more predictable candidate is preferable from that standpoint – unless he or she threatens to undermine the fundamentals of our system. Fiscal policy also matters to the economy, and neither candidate proposes a winning strategy there. One would reduce taxes while the other would increase spending, so both would expand the deficit. Hopefully Congress and our next President will prevent each other from doing any long term damage.

  25. P Singer

    I watched Trump and Clinton during their debate. Trump was rude, unfocused and exhibited boorish behavior. Clinton was calm, collected but allowed herself to be drawn into mud slinging. I expected some meaningful discourse about how these candidates expect to enact changes for the US. Total disappointment. So I ask who of two would I have sitting by the red phone that orders a milatary strike.

    What is this business with Mexico? Build a wall to stop criminal from crossing the boarder. They can tunneling under it. His answer is to disrupt business and trade by stopping the flow of money transaction to Mexico. I thought he is a business man. Does it pay to make a bordering country mad at you? Is this his foreign policy?

    Jobs are lost because of technology and tax system here. Trump knows this and made free use of it. He is business man for heaven sakes. He like almost everyone else does not want pay more taxes then need be. Change the corporate tax laws if this helps bring jobs back.

    Let’s look at his plan to pay for infrastructure repair. Have private enterprise pay for it and allow them to collect tolls. What is the difference between paying a toll and paying taxes? Not much except you don’t have to pay the toll if you don’t use it. Private enterprise is not going to do anything unless money will be made. This brings up the possibility that in the future any road/bridge will have a toll because private enterprise fixed it. Once a for-profit gets their hands on it they can set the rates for use. Prime example, just ask any Chicagoan what happened when the parking service was sold to a private enterprise. Parking fees exploded and the great mayor who engineered this did not run for office for reasons other than stated. Chicago skyway was also sold to a private party and the toll has been raised through the years. Or private parties do not buy into this fix and then up goes taxes again. Promises are broken. Read my lips.

    Sadly Trump is not humble. His personality does not allow for this He says he is good candidate but judging from what I saw and heard these past weeks, I think not. The nonsense he utters is scary. Unfortunately neither candidate showed good judgement or an understanding of economic theory for their policies. Trump is not who l want sitting by that red phone on the desk in the White House unless it is disconnected.

  26. Brett

    Why is it that Democrats resort always resort to using one word labels, but rarely provide researched facts to back up their positions. This next presidency is going to be very difficult to either party due to excessive spending/debt. I don’t see this changing with Clinton. Trump on the other hand offers changes in the current policy, but it is difficult to evaluate chance of success. Trump is fundamentally frugal (Cheap) so I am going to guess that he will be hesitant to approve big spending bills. He us going to be tough on foreign trade which I think is good. He is not anxious on foreign involvement, but wants a stronger military. Likely spend more money, but will keep it at home. Neither party wants to change SSI.
    Then their is the question with split house ability to make changes. Hard to envision the final result.

  27. Frank

    If Trump really wants to win by a landslide and do good by Americans… release his full tax returns tonight to proof that he has no shady dealings in the works. Guaranteed victory for him, but we all know that is not happening.

  28. Cody Charles Deegan

    Now that it is officially Trump who won the elections, he should also focus on what he has to offer the retirees of his country because people are expecting negative changes. I just hope he proves us all wrong.


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