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3 Tips to Help You Weather a Volatile Bond Market and Changing Monetary Policy

Investors are facing uncertainty when it comes to monetary policy, changing bond yields, inflation, and more. They’re faced with a new threat: a large U.S. Treasury supply that could boost bond yields and create more pressure on stock prices.

Stock markets around the world were selling heavily earlier this month as fears grew that the Federal Reserve might increase interest rates at a faster pace. The economy is expected to grow even faster in the coming year, and inflation will likely climb to around 2 percent or higher, according to reporting by The Wall Street Journal.

The bull market we’ve been in for a while now is highly tied to the policies from central banks around the world, so it makes sense that federal interest rates are under such scrutiny. Good economic news can easily be seen as bad news, and the opposite is true, too.

As headlines continue to create a negative outlook for bonds due to expectations of higher interest rates, many are left feeling that bonds are toxic and shouldn’t be part of an investment portfolio.

But is that truly the case? The answer is that it depends on the composition of your bond selection.

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