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Introducing Personal Capital’s “Investor’s Guide to Volatile Markets”

Life is full of uncertainties. We protect our families with life insurance and our cars and homes with auto and homeowner’s policies.

But how do we protect our financial futures?

Even during times of relative stability in the financial markets, having a long-term financial plan in place that is built to weather the unknowns is a smart move to make. The market is, after all, rarely driven by just one factor – that’s why it’s so hard to time the ups and downs. Investors with a strategic plan can feel more confident about their finances and don’t have to worry about outguessing factors beyond their control.

There’s a saying: “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” The Personal Capital Investor’s Guide to Volatile Markets is designed to help you prepare for – or react to – what the market might throw at you. With a long-term plan and clear goals in place, we believe that you can navigate your way through the up and down times to achieve your financial goals.

Like many things in life, luck and timing play a big role in your financial success in retirement. These factors may be beyond your control, but regardless of how they play out, it’s up to you to exercise control where you can.

Read our free guide to learn more about:

  • The impact of behavioral finance – recognize the impact that risk tolerance, emotions, and recency bias can have on you and your investments.
  • Diversification as a safeguard – predicting the market is never effective long term; diversification can be one of the strongest safeguards against market volatility.
  • Steps to take now – a few tips can help protect your portfolio from one of its biggest enemies: your emotions.
  • Questions to ask yourself – when it comes to weathering market volatility, it’s important to ask the right questions to see if you can weather any storm.

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