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The Financial Index: Wednesday, Feb. 1

February 1, 2012 | Daily Capital

The Financial Index is Daily Capital’s roundup of our Editor’s Picks for the day — featured trends and market analysis from around the Web.

History says Home Real Estate Is a Bad Idea

Money Watch: By simply knowing their history, investors could have foreseen the housing bust. The U.S. has a history of housing booms and busts, providing lots of context for real estate investors to go on.

Life – and Death Proposition

Value Walk: The Fed’s low interest rates may result in more costs than rewards. Could we be headed into a long period of austerity?

Stocks Open Strong on Earnings; Amazon.com Tanks

Investors.com: The Dow, S&P 500, & Nasdaq all climbed around one percent on Wednesday, while Amazon sunk nine percent over low Q4 earnings. Seagate Technology reported a 300% jump in earnings per share last quarter, sending their stocks flying up fifteen percent.

Manufacturing Growth Continues

Daily Reckoning: The U.S. isn’t the only nation seeing continued growth in the manufacturing sector. Germany and China are among others, creating a ripple effect that’s even sending the Australian dollar up.

Image used under Creative Commons from Flickr user Images_of_Money

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