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The Financial Index: Wednesday Jan. 18

January 18, 2012 | Daily Capital

The Financial Index is Daily Capital’s roundup of our Editor’s Picks for the day – the best financial writing and advice from around the Web.

Why Tomorrow Could Be Tech’s Biggest Day of the Quarter

Motley Fool: More than half of the tech stocks on the Dow will be reporting earnings tomorrow, with growth expected from IBM, Google, and Intel. Along with Microsoft, these four companies account for a market cap of close to $800 billion, so investors will be sure to feel a ripple effect in the market tomorrow.

To Maximize Retirement Benefits, Know the Rules

Reuters: With the baby boomers nearing retirement age, pollsters are saying that many will choose to work past age 66. What does this mean for their entitlement benefits, like Social Security and Medicare?

Take Advantage of These Tax Deductions Before They Expire

NuWire Investor: Don’t miss out on these residual tax breaks from the 2010 Tax Relief Act. Ronald Adams outlines the discounts and gives money saving tips for taxpayers.

MBA: Mortgage Refinance Applications Increase Sharply

Calculated Risk: When interest rates dropped last week due to anxiety over the tepid economy, applications for refinancing spiked to their highest level in 6 months.

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