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The Financial Index: Tuesday, Feb. 14

February 14, 2012 | Daily Capital

The Financial Index is Daily Capital’s roundup of our Editor’s Picks for the day — featured trends and market analysis from around the Web.

How Badly Is Apple Undervalued?

Wall St. Cheat Sheet: On Tuesday, Apple shares reached an all-time high. When you compare their price to earnings per share ratio to other tech companies, though, it is relatively low.

A 43.3% Dividend Tax Is Insanity

The Street: In the Obama Administration’s Budget Plan for Fiscal Year 2013, they propose dividend taxes as high st 43.3% for some investors. This could further concentrate wealth, argues John DeFeo.

Retailers Show Strength, But Be Selective

Investor Place: Retail earnings are making a surprising showing, rising in January by more than it had in months. When buying retail stocks, though, be selective.

‘Stretch’ IRA Tax Shelter on the Chopping Block

Reuters: Inherited IRAs are a great way to leave money for heirs with little tax burden, but Congress may soon change that.

U.S. Economic Health Improving, Threats Remain

NuWire: The US Economy expanded in the fourth quarter, but not as much as it was expected. This year is off to a good start, but some negative factors continue to weigh on the economy.

The Federal Reserve’s Explicit Goal: Devalue the Dollar 33%

Daily Reckoning: After the latest meeting of The Federal Reserve Open Market Committee, the goal they have established is to devalue the dollar 33% over the next 20 years to fight inflation and further erosion of the dollar.

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