What’s A Healthy Body Weight For Males And Females?

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  • Use our table below to figure out your weight range for your height and frame size.
  • Genetics plays a part in weight, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat healthier and work out more often.
  • Americans are on average 20-35 pounds heavier than the ideal weights shown below.

Healthy life. Wealthy life.

One of the most interesting things we learned from our age 90+ study on living longer is that it’s better to gain weight as we age. Being too thin actually correlates with a shorter lifespan. Given my only exercise besides tennis 3X a week is moving my jaw to eat tasty In N’ Out burgers, I have no problem with Dr. Kawas’ findings. Perhaps you’re on board as well, especially after a long weekend full of cooking or dining out.

But what exactly is a healthy body weight for males and females? At 5′ 10″ and 165 pounds, I’m 15 pounds heavier than I was in high school and 10 pounds heavier than I was in college. When I see Kei Nishikori, a top 10 tennis player come in at 154 pounds at the same height, I start feeling a little self-conscious. It seems to me that weight gain is an inevitability as we age. But I’m sure the fittest people in the world will just say that’s an excuse for not eating well and exercising every day.

In this post I’d like to highlight a healthy body weight chart for males and females after doing some research online and consulting with my doctor after a physical. I’ll also provide some anecdotal evidence why genetics play a bigger part in determining our weight vs. dieting and exercise. Hopefully you’ll share your own anecdotes as well.


There are numerous calculators which determine what you should weigh based on your frame size and height. I checked out four health sites (healthstatus.com, halls.md, healthcentral.com, healthdiscovery.net), and found that Healthdiscovery.net’s estimates look to be the most accurate and reasonable. One site had the ideal weight for a man 5’10” at 129 pounds on the lower end, for example. I didn’t realize the starvation look was in.

Have a look for yourself and see whether you agree or not with the weight charts. (visit the post if it does not show up on e-mail)


Ideal Weight Chart For Men


Ideal Weight Chart For WomenDefinition of medium-frame: Your middle finger and thumb just touch when you hold your wrist.  You are large-framed if your fingers do not touch.  You are small-framed if your fingers overlap. You can calculate your Body Mass Index as well. 


Based on the chart above, I’m 2-14 pounds above ideal weight for a man my height and frame. That sounds like a lot, but deep down I know that’s correct because I was once that weight range as a fit teenager and active college student. Over the years we keep telling ourselves that our weight creep is OK due to work and family responsibilities. I mentally allowed for one pound a year of weight gain until death. Nobody has the luxury to exercise for two hours a day anymore to stay in shape. Good thing the 90+ study also told us that we only need 15 minutes of moderate exercise a day for a longer life.

If you take a look at the weight for the top tennis players, they pretty much all fit in the weight chart ranges above. And if you look up 6 foot tall NBA guards such as Allen Iverson, Aaron Brooks, Luke Ridnour, Sebastain Telfair, and TJ Ford, they all weigh between 155 – 167 lbs as well. Of course none of us are world class professional athletes, but at least we know the charts have veracity.


I have a theory that the more fit one is, the more one attributes their fitness to physical exercise and a disciplined diet and vice versa. The same theory goes for wealthier people who attribute more of their success due to their own doing, rather than recognizing luck and circumstance.

One friend admonished another for saving so little at his age, even though my friend’s parents paid for her private college tuition and her private business school tuition as an adult. When you’ve got a six figure student debt bill to pay off the first 10 years of your career, it’s hard to save as much don’t you think? It’s interesting how those born on third base love to highlight their home runs.

I’m in the camp that believes genetics play a larger role in determining your weight than diet and exercise. Perhaps not a huge percentage greater – 60% genetics /40% diet and exercise – but greater nonetheless.

Here are three anecdotes arguing for genetics:

1) It doesn’t matter how much I work out, I’ll never grow as large or as ripped as Mr. Olympia. Even when I was only 150 pounds and lifting weights every day, I couldn’t develop six pack abs or bench more than 250 pounds, whereas my classmate who hardly worked out looked cut out of stone and could bench 325 pounds while weighing 155 pounds.

2) Steve Jobs was a health nut and a devote vegetarian for most of his life and still died 24 years younger than the median life expectancy at age 56. There was no escaping pancreatic cancer, no matter how much he dieted and exercised.

3) On September 18, 2012, a death row inmate by the name of Ronald Post asked to have his execution delayed due to his weight. Ronald shot and killed a hotel clerk in northern Ohio 31 years ago. Ronald was over 450 pounds and in prison for over 25 years. Last I checked, prison doesn’t serve all-you-can-eat buffet meals. Here’s the Federal Bureau Of Prisons meal plan from 2012 if you’d like to see for yourself.


According to a Gallup Poll, American men are weighing in at an average of 196 pounds today — 16 pounds more than in 1990. The average weight for women jumped 14 pounds to 156 pounds over the same period (neither sexes have gotten much taller since). Given the average height for an American man is 5′ 10″ and the average height for an American woman is 5′ 3″, Americans on average are 20-35 pounds heavier than the ideal weight in the charts above.

Ideal Weight Gallup Poll

Sure, we may not be born with wealthy parents or terrific genetics. But we all have the power to get our weight down to the lower end of our genetically-determined weight band and stay there if we really want to. It’s just important to recognize our limits, otherwise we’ll be miserable trying to get there.

The next time you are eating a double cheeseburger with a diet Coke, know that you’ll be OK because genetics will keep you from growing too big. And if genetics proves not to be your savior, then perhaps a celery stick and a yummy glass of water are more appropriate for your next meal. See you all at the beach! Or in the gym.

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Financial Samurai

Sam is the former Managing Editor of the Daily Capital blog. He worked in finance from 1999-2012 before deciding to focus full-time on his online endeavors - FinancialSamurai.com and the Yakezie Network. Sam is an avid tennis fan who loves to travel. He received his BA from William & Mary and his MBA from UC Berkeley.


  1. Survive The Valley

    I’ve definitely gained weight, but I’m happier for it! My current AZ license still has my 16 year old picture on it and I’m still listed as weighing 125 lbs (super scrawny sophomore in high school). Now I’m 162. At 5’10” I’m also trying to lose a few pounds; got my Fitbit Flex and just started tracking my caloric intake… hopefully competition with family and coworkers will keep me motivated.

    • Anonymous

      Dude. 5-10 and 163 and you’re trying to loose weight? Don’t do it…

      • Catherine

        I weight the same amount but I want to loose weight because my friends sometimes call me fat and it irritates me

        • Rehan

          Eat drink and enjoy your life baby without any hesitation we should be careful about our soul and character not our body okay

      • Anonymous

        yeah. Im 5 11. 175 and constantly told I look unhealthily thin. Im 50 and eat 6 to 7 k calories every day.

        • Brian


          You officially stated you’re a world champion eater. You eat more than Olympia class bodybuilders…..

        • Anonymous

          No you don’t

      • Anonymous


    • Shannon

      I think we should include age as well. Older people need more wieght for when they get sick. Older people that have no fat don’t have a chance at surviving diseases. Younger people can afford to go without fat be a use their bodies are younger and they have the strength to survive diseases. And also your metabolism slows down with age. I believe there is a reason for that.

  2. Linda

    I agree with you that a wealthy life is a healthy life. Nothing else matters when you’re sick!

    I’m about 10 pounds above ideal weight as well. It’s hard at 45 with two kids, but I’m motivated again thanks to this post!


    Wow, haven’t looked at those charts in years. Thank goodness (well that and a lot of hard work) I’m on target.

  4. John C @ Action Economics

    I think this chart is fairly accurate and I like that it separates weight ranges based on frame size. I am smaller framed and 5′ 10″ tall. My current weight is roughly 150 lbs, which is healthy for me. I think a better measurement than just weight is fat percentage, but that is a bit more difficult to measure than height and weight.

  5. Untemplater

    It’s helpful to look at data points to stay in check. I’ve been doing better with my weight since I stopped eating dairy and sugary foods. I feel a lot healthier too which is great. Now I just need to increase my exercise!

  6. Mike

    If genetics play a bigger role than diet and exercise, why have the average weights increased by 10 percent in just 25 years? Did our genetic makeup cause that? I doubt it. The culprit seems to be something other than genetics…maybe a bad diet and a sedentary lifestyle?

    • AlanZeeHeimer

      The consensus, as I have read recently, is that somewhere between 1960 and 1970, Americans started using prepared foods from cake mixes to frozen dinners. While professing to hate them, we use them. Also at about that time, American became less blue collar and more white collar, i.e., sedentary in the workplace.

  7. gregg

    I’m 5’10” and I’m 222lbs. I’m 17% body fat at 44 years old. That says I’m way over weight but I train about 2 hours a day burning anywhere from 1000 to 1800 calories in a work out. I have a small pooch but I’m pretty cut up beyond that. Watch what I eat , don’t drink or smoke. Can you explain me being 42 lbs over ideal? No one calls me fat and I was a world class athlete in my 30s. BMI is 32 and I take no prescription med at all.

    • james falsia

      You work out too long , 45 minutes tops . Your type of workouts encourage you to store body fat . Depend more on diet and not exercise . Working out is about raising the basal metabolism for 12 hours after we work out ,not so much about the calories you burn while working out . If you wanted to workout , than 6 hours later follow up with some type of low impact aerobic this would be more beneficial . High protein ,moderate fat , fruits and vegetables with low carbs is the way to go . Working out for too long at one time raises cortisol levels and inhibits your ability to lose .

      • Anonymous

        I agree with you. I’m 6,0, 187. I work out only 2 x a week niw( unfortunately). I’ve gained due to poor eating. I know though done if my weight is muscle.

    • AlanZeeHeimer

      Greg…The National Institute of Health publishes weight charts for men and women. The charts are different for each frame size; one’s frame size is determined by wrist circumference. Do a google search on small, medium, large frame charts and look for the NIH in the URL.

      Just because you don’t fit well into a chart doesn’t mean you aren’t healthy or at peak. Charts are intended to accommodate generalities, and the NIH just tries to make it’s charts less narrow.

    • DK

      I’m with you on these charts putting gues underweight. guessing you have 18-20 inch biceps? I’m only at 16 but I do have a six pac. but like i posted below. I was often called skinny until I broke 190. :/

    • Carlena Phillips

      These charts are just numbers.. let’s put it this way.. I am 6-1 female and weigh 210.. according to the charts I am overweight.. but I only have 17% body fat.. I freeze when it gets cold out. You can feel all my ribs and the spaces between them because I’m skinny.. but I am big boned.. these numbers are just that numbers as long as you are happy with you that’s all that matters.

  8. AlanZeeHeimer

    17 percent body fat….wow. That is in the upper range of top athletes. I suspect these charts work well for a large portion of the population, but not everyone. Muscle, as you likely know, weighs far more than fat. Draw your own conclusions. Weight is only one of the criteria for fitness so don’t be distressed by the difference. I would love to have 20 per cent body fat, and am working on it at 66 yo.

    • james falsia

      I am 60 at 10%

  9. Jerry

    This chart is so wrong. I’m 5’8″ medium to frame. So 150 is my top weight. At that weight, which I’ve done, I look like a very sick person that should be admitted to a hospital. I have a friend the same size and he is down to 150 and looks very sick and week. He says he’s not, but I know I don’t want to look like that. Oh, yes I work out and eat healthy and could stand to lose 20 pounds right now, but 150? Really? I say it’s about 10-15 pounds off, no need to look like a zombie unless that’s what you are going for. One other thing, Steve Smith of the Ravens (formerly a Panther) was listed at 189 lbs and he looks great, what would happen if he weighed 150? This chart does not fit try a new subject for your next post and look for better information.

    • Anonymous

      U look sick probably cus u don’t weight train I’m 5’5 n 138 I weight train n look way better than those ppl who just do the treadmill

      • Travis

        Lol, yeah the treadmill, for men, especially for more naturally thin frames is a good way to end up looking scrawny. My take is, at any time in human history exercises like weighted dips, pushups, pull-ups and squats or lunges/reverse lunges would be standard fare for keeping battle ready, and especially the weighted dips and pull-ups can really add a substantial amount of muscle. Can’t believe there isn’t more of an emphasis put on weight based training for young men in school when it is such a game changer. Plus that extra bit of muscle works wonders in being able to eat more without putting on fat.

  10. AlanZeeHeimer

    “One of the most interesting feedback we learned from the 90+ study on living longer is that it’s better to gain weight as we age. Being too thin actually correlated with a shorter lifespan. ”

    I have a problem with that statement. Perhaps the key is “too thin,” which makes it unnecessary maybe wrong to say it is better to gain weight. I have read that thigh size is important and that thighs less than….can’t recall but think it was 26″ …. is more risky to health than those with larger thighs.

    • AlanZeeHeimer

      I meant those with thighs SMALLER than 26″ are at risk, not larger.

  11. Mark Lewsader

    The beginning of this article mentioned age as a factor, but did not expand on the topic. I used to weight 115 lbs. I am 5′-10″ tall and when I hit high school, I was about 170 lbs. In college I was about 180 lbs. As a young adult, I weighed 185 and now I am 53 and weigh about 200 lbs. If the average male weight is 196, I’m not too far off of that. The Air Force has a nice age related weight chart which allows for older weight gain. I wish I could get a hold of one of those. My wife says I’m just right, I feel at least 20 lbs over weight, however, my Mother-in-Law died at age 84, never ate very well and never exercised…

  12. Stefanie @ The Broke and Beautiful Life

    I’m about 3 lb under the small frame range for my height, but would in no way consider myself underweight. I used to be well above my range, but I made some serious lifestyle changes. While I think there are some genetics involved, I’m definitely a huge advocate of personal responsibility- for health and finances.

    As for the prison story, I could see how he weighed so much, the food really is crap and lack of movement is terrible. My brother tells me horror stories about his time. In the cell 23 hours (not max security) and food was atrocious- even when dinner was pasta the side was bread.

  13. Thomas Jenkins

    Last year my doctor told me I had to lose 30 pounds. Looking at the chart the would put at the upper edge of the weight range on the chart. A level that may have me taking little if any medication for my Type 2 diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol. As I see it its a win – win. For portion control and exercise is helping but its slow.

  14. DK

    I’m 6 foot even but even at 180 pounds I was called skinny. It wasn’t until I hit 190 pounds that people started to see me as fit. Maybe I have a large frame. I don’t really know. I only know I have no faith in these charts.

    About Steve Jobs. Pretty sure he died of AIDS. think Wikileaks posted his medical records sometime back but the mainstream media being controlled like it is wouldn’t take up the story.

  15. SBO

    Exercise, keep healthy

    The campaign to all exercise.

    I just started exercising.
    I want to know administration the shoulders.
    Want to shoulder strength.

  16. Tony

    Where did you find the definition of “small – medium – large” build? Can you provide a reference? And where did you find this weight chart? I’ve seen the same ranges presented elsewhere but no one ever seems to cite a source.


    • Mimi949

      take it with a grain of salt. finger length is also a factor. I have huge hands and feet due to long fingers and toes. I come out at a medium frame but I am 4′ taller than average and wear a shoe size 50% larger than the average american.

  17. Jeremy

    You didn’t hear the full story on Steve Jobs! The doctors didn’t tell him that his Vegan diet actually made a difference.

  18. Mark

    Awesome work on these weight charts. Maintaining an overall healthy diet not only offers your body the energy and nutrition that it needs to function but offers several health benefits as well.

  19. Body Weight Scale

    Hey, very nice site. I came across this on Google, and I am stoked that I did. I will definitely be coming back here more often. Wish I could add to the conversation and bring a bit more to the table, but am just taking in as much info as I can at the moment. Thanks for sharing.
    Body Weight Scale

    Keep Posting:)

  20. amit panda

    I am 21 years old. My body Wight 73 kilograms hight 5.7′ it is solute Wight?

  21. Aquarius Moon

    Pretty much accurate, yes. Genetics determine whether or not it’s easier or harder to shift the weight and easier or harder to achieve the fitness one wants. It’s not impossible though.

  22. Tony

    Gee, looking at that chart makes me feel worse than i already do, im 5’3, and weigh over 180, i’d say, with a somewhat muscular medium build, i believe i could stand to lose a good 20pounds or so, but the chart says im over 40pounds overweight. Gotta cut out on the junkfood. Get back to exercising. I saw someone write that its counterproductive to exercise more than an hour daily for weight loss, is that true? Would jogging be the best for weight loss, considering ive tried to have a healthier diet, and my mind puts up roadblocks when it comes to that.

    • Anonymous

      Running is the worse thing you can do for your feet, knees, and legs.

  23. Rahul

    I agree with the chart. In my teens and early 20s I was 145 pounds at 5’8 consistently and was fighting fit. Then, over the years due to poor diet, stress, over eating, junk food, lack of exercise, booze, smoking I reached 202 pounds in Feb 2013. I had all sorts of aches and pains and health issues.
    Today I am 159 pounds and inching closer to that elusive 145/150 pounds range. From my personal experience I can tell you that diet has worked for me more than exercise. Diet is the key but its good to weight train 3 days a week if you can. Cheers.

  24. Bill

    The height weight charts must be created by skinny no muscle guys who sit all day. I’ve been lifting weights since age 14, my BP 117/75, my chest is 50 inches, neck 18 inches, my waist 38 inches, I walk 4 miles in an hour, I’m 56 years old and I weigh 217, I’m 5’11, 20 years in the Army. If I weighed 188 lbs, my max weight, I would die of malnutrition or look absolutely sickly.

  25. Lexi

    I’m a 13 year old female 5’3 I have a small frame and I weigh 90 pounds

  26. Lexi

    I am 5’3 female with a small frame but I’m tall and weigh 90 pounds

  27. Anonymous

    U guys are nuts a bunch of fattys has come up with this scale.

  28. Anonymous

    Great article and the scales appear to be most accurate available! I am a 49 yo male 5’7” and weigh 165. I was around 172 about two years ago when I reduced my calorie intake by cutting my meals to just breakfast and lunch, or sometimes just breakfast (2 waffles or slices of bread and coffee) per day, with only an apple replacing my lunch or dinner. I noticed that my weight dropped steadily at the rate of a pound per two weeks, and then my weight stopped dropping. It appears that dieting alone will not lead to continued weight loss because the body becomes much more efficient at conserving the remaining fat. In order to lose any more weight to reach my ideal weight of 140, I need to substantially increase my exercise.

  29. moses bigno

    this is really amazing

  30. Charday

    I really don’t care what the charts say. I’m not going to let some crazy chart tell me how I should look. I’m female, 5’3, 180 lbs. curvy and lovin’ it. Some of the weight numbers for the men are ridiculous. I guess those numbers would work if your 12 years old.

  31. Kellen Clark

    I’ve heard that women that are slightly overweight live longer and are healthier. I’m 5’4″, and feel my greatest at 150 lbs. I’ve had a healthy lifestyle most of my life, look fit, work out regularly, don’t smoke, and have never been skinny or thin – I’m very curvy – 38-28-38. According to the charts, my frame is small, but I’ve always been 20 pounds over the ideal for my size. I’m in the exceptional range on all of the health charts except BMI. I can bench press 260 lbs and run a mile in 9 minutes. But I do think that the folks that put these charts together are using ‘skinny’ as their point of reference. I don’t quite understand where these numbers come from. Muscle weighs more than fat, remember?

    • philoso

      If you, as a female, can bench press 260 lbs, then you’re using an advanced anabolic stack and probably don’t need to concern yourself with basic body weight charts for drug-free non athletes. You should continue working towards national competition in weightlifting, which should only be a couple years off for you. There are precious few women in the world who can get even 2/3 of that, particularly without a bench shirt.. you probably would already hold the American record if you’re actually doing it at 150 lbs.

      So either a major congrats are in order, or you need to revisit that “260” typo.

  32. FiFever

    Yes! I’m safe.

  33. Alisa

    I had all sorts of aches and pains and health issues. And that’s why i m too skinny. after reading this article i found i m not the only. So thank you

  34. SAYA

    I’m a guy, 5’10, 133. I fit the criteria of a girl who is 5’10 and small framed, hell, even the 5’9 frame.

  35. w88

    Exercise is so important to play the same kind.

  36. Anonymous

    It seems with all the so called studies that they always come up with still none mention the side affect of medications the doctors force on people when they don’t need them but the Big Pharmaceutical encourage doctors to false diagnose to scare people so they can push medications like blood pressure medication Lisinipril and other ACE Inhibitors which can cause the weight gain water weight and other health problems and by pushing these medicines the doctors get the rewards from the pharmaceutical companies just by signing the prescription slip,as an healthy adult 2005 my weight has always stayed between 160 – 170 lbs. and active until visit my new primary physician for very mild headaches which after years of growing pain needing to know what was the deal I was directed to a neurological physician and on that first visit his diagnosis was grand-mal seizures which later found that my primary physician knew at the time I first seen him I was having very mild petite seizures that could have been treated with the right dosages medicine for epilepsy which then at that time one low dose medicine which now three maximum dose and the ACE Inhibitors (blood pressure medicine) which should have never been prescribed for high blood pressure because instead of not treating and controlling the seizure problem which was the reason why my bp was just a little high because of head pain so my health and life was in jeopardy because of greed from Big Pharmaceutical and doctors and since my seizures are now controlled no thanks to my primary physician and blood pressure medicine I advocated for myself and went back to the basics which my doctor tells.me not to use natural good old fashioned foods along with exercise which my body has always been use to the doctor just want the medicine only which the medicine was the foreign object that didn’t belong in my system because of the man made chemicals causing health problems and over 11 years blood pressure never pointed down it contained to slowly rise alone with water and weight gain even though I eat healthy and still exercise

  37. Stuart michael

    My mom’s side of the family has always be very overwheight. I was always thin but now at 50 I am packing on the pounds at 165 .but if you love who you are it doesn’t matter because because it’s who you are not what you are .😆

  38. anthony chinedum

    thanks so much for the info

  39. Charles Pugh

    I’m 6’5″ I weigh around 275 I’m a larger framed guy. I graduated 180. And I got teased because I was to skinny. Joined the military and got to a comfortable235. And that was the best I ever felt weight wise. I then tore my acl. And blew up to 365. I will admit my wife was pregnant the time and I put on weight with her. I went on a NO MEAT NO DAIRY DIET for six months and lost 100lbs. Now I’m 48 and it difficult to maintain a steady weight. Any suggestions

  40. FSchwartz

    This is hilarious pseudo-science. There is no such thing as “frame size”. Especially by the method of seeing if your thumbs touch around your wrist. If that were true, I would have magically modified my “frame size” from “large” to “small” in my journey from obesity to 21 BMI through diet and exercise. Also, what is the definition of “ideal”? None is given. Why is ideal 15 lbs heavier over 20 years? As the data is gathered by Gallup, that means “ideal” is based on people’s opinions, and not based on science.

    GENETICS! Do you realize that genetic evolution takes place gradually over hundreds or thousands of years? Do you honestly believe that GENETICS are to blame for the average American being twice as likely to be obese as their parents 30 years ago?

    SIX PACK ABS – are chiseled in the kitchen, not in the gym. No wonder your friend who hardly exercised beat you in this department.

    STEVE JOBS – died of pancreatic cancer, one of the most severe forms of cancer there is. What does this have to do with body weight again?

    RONALD POST – Is there even a point being made here? Inmate died of “natural causes”. Is heart failure a “natural cause”?

    I’m sure this advice will make most readers feel good about their current state of being overweight, given that 70% of Americans are either overweight or obese. Heart disease is the number one killer in the USA. But let’s make sure we don’t hurt your feelings, or perhaps even convince you to actually change your terrible habits so that you’d perhaps take the actions needed to save your own life!

  41. Micah Dunford

    I really enjoyed the article and agree with most of the views of the writer. My problem is that I am a (my finger doesn’t touch) large bone person with small fingers and weigh 205-208 lbs depending on when and how much I exercise or drink water/tea/beer. I look at myself and wonder where I’d put 20-25 lbs and weigh my ideal (high end by the way!) 185 lbs at age 44. I can see loosing 15 lbs all in the mid section, but my legs are large (20 years of soccer) and I wouldn’t want to lose any muscle. I ride my bike 10-15 miles a day and cut 2-3 yards a week. I also only drink water, beer and tea and seldom eat out, besides that I tend to live a active lifestyle and enjoy swimming, beach walking and working out in the pool. In 3 months I have lost 25 lbs and now have a 35 waste from a 38 inch. I want to get to 34 waist at 6 ft. and 195 lbs and think that it could be an ideal weight. These charts/professionals care more about weight than the physical aspect of ideal weight. No mention of fat percentages nor physical endurance. I feel these are huge when calculating true ideal weight and life style. If one is inactive and unable to eat healthy I could see how the chart could be more accurate, but If I weighed 175 lbs (my high school weight) I’d look sick and unhealthy.

  42. Elizabeth

    I am 5 feet 3 and a half inches.. 125 pounds. I could stand to lose 10 pounds.

  43. aliya sana

    i cant get whats ideal weight

  44. Alina Smith

    What’s up, yup this article is really pleasant and I have learned lot of things from it

  45. Dheeraj Krishna

    I’m 5’10 & 156. I stay hungry for whole day to lose weight


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