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Change is in the air — you can almost feel it around you. Whether it’s the increasing awareness of the environment, disparities in the workplace, or other social issues, there seems to be a growing sense of urgency to do better by the environment and by our fellow human beings.

More and more, investors are building portfolios that reflect their personal values through socially responsible investing (SRI). In a poll updated by Morgan Stanley last year, 52% of respondents said they were “somewhat interested” in sustainable investing, with approximately 23% stating they were “very interested.”

So what exactly is SRI? How will it impact your portfolio? What does it all mean? Watch our video to learn more.

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If you’re still not sure, take a look at Personal Capital’s socially responsible plan for Personal Strategy®.

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The While-You-Wait video series goes over important financial topics when life puts us on hold.
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  1. Kevin

    I hired Personal Capital (“PC”) to help me with investments…not to be my conscience. While I agree with some of the filtering (AKA “discrimination”) that PC directly or indirectly does, others would certainly disagree with my choices in that regard and I would undoubtedly disagree with the choices of many others. Thus, I’d be happy if PC just made me (and others, actually) the most amount of money as legally possible with the funds I and others have entrusted them with. I and others can make our own choices as to what to do with those funds in terms of the causes and organizations that we support/oppose. Speaking for myself, I want and fully accept the responsibility of being ethical with my resources. I don’t want others to act for me in this regard.


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