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The Financial Index: Thursday, Feb. 9

February 9, 2012 | Daily Capital

The Financial Index is Daily Capital’s roundup of our Editor’s Picks for the day — featured trends and market analysis from around the Web.

How One Decision Can Help You Retire Faster

Get Rich Slowly: You can take a step towards retirement security and financial security by choosing to downsize your home. It’s not right for everyone, but downsizing now could mean living better later.

Buffet, Like BlackRock’s Fink, Touts Virtues of Stocks

The Street: Some of the leading investment forecasters are urging people to go for stocks over bonds, which they say, aren’t as safe as you may think.

US Dollar Softens As Greece Rebuilds

NuWire: If and when a deal is reached in Greek talks, the Euro will strengthen causing the dollar to soften. That, in turn, would bring some stability to European markets.

Investments for Income Lovers

Motley Fool: In this four part series, CFA Amanda Kish shows some of the best investments for increasing yield in your portfolio. In this final installment she looks at alternative funds and shows how investors can use them to get an advantage on the market.

Image used under Creative Commons from Flickr user Images_of_Money

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