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2014 Personal Capital Year In Review

December 29, 2014 | Kyle Ryan

The end of the calendar year is a time that forces us to reflect on what has transpired over the course of the past year, and ponder what lies ahead for the rapidly approaching New Year. Here at Personal Capital, we have had quite an eventful 2014. When I reflect on what has transpired this year, the word that best sums it up is Growth. We have been very fortunate to have tremendous growth across our entire business. Growth is an important theme for us as it allows us to meet our mission statement:

“Helping people live better financial lives through technology and people.”

In 2014, we made great strides in pushing our mission forward and helping more families live better financial lives. Thank you to all of our clients and users that have grown with us in 2014. Now I would like to share with you some specifics.

2014 Highlights

Free Financial Dashboard Users: As of today, we have over 685,000 registered users of our free financial dashboard, an addition of 250,000 users since the beginning of the year.

Free Financial Dashboard Tracked Accounts: We have over $120 billion in financial accounts that our users are keeping track of on their financial dashboards.

Investment Advisory Clients: We more than tripled both the number of our Investment Clients and our Asset Under Management. We are now working with over 3,400 clients and growing by hundreds every month.

Private Client: After the launch of our Private Client service on September 1st, we have more than doubled the number of our Private Clients, those who invest more than $1 Million with us. Our Private Client service now accounts for 30% of our Assets Under Management.

Employee Headcount: We now have over 150 employees. The most significant growth has been within our Advisory team to keep up with servicing our growing Investment client base. We now have over 90 employees working within the various aspects of our Advisory team. As you might guess with all of the growth listed above, we expect the employee growth will continue as well.

Funding: We raised $50 million in Series D funding led by Corsair, USAA, and BBVA. This new infusion of capital positions us for continued growth and development of the best technology and advisory services available.


I am humbled and proud when I see the accomplishments and results that our team has put together. Our Engineering Team, Product Team, Marketing Team, and Advisory Team, all work with incredible passion and cohesion to bring our services together in a world-class fashion.

I very clearly remember when ALL of these numbers were zero. We launched our groundbreaking service in September of 2011, and have gained tremendous momentum in building one of the best digital wealth management firms today. It is very rewarding to reflect on where we are and what we have accomplished.

However, we are just getting started. Now on to 2015!

Photo: Personal Capital’s Engineering and Marketing Team

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