Quiz: How Do You Stack Up Against America’s Affluent?

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Generation, geography, and gender can influence not only what parents are doing for their children, but also what they think their children want to be done for them. And how much money families have impacts not only what they do with their finances, but also how they talk about them.

We commissioned a survey of 1,001 “affluent” (those with investable assets of $500,000 or more) to see how affluent Americans approach their families’ financial futures. Take our quiz to see how you compare to affluent families.

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  1. Mark

    What a lot of tosh this was.

  2. tr

    I don’t come from an affluent family, not even CLOSE to one but I still had to work in high school (out of necessity), my parents supported me here and there until after college (here and there, meaning an occasional airline ticket) and they realized that they couldn’t save up for FOUR college educations AND retirement at the same time so they focused on funding their retirement and us kids were left saddled with SL debt between $10-50k (for state schools, no one went private).

    it was a common sense quiz, not a how do you stack up to affluent families quiz


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