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Personal Capital recently implemented some new features on our Web-based Dashboard in effort to provide users with a more interactive and complete financial picture.

We first reconstructed Cash Flow to more clearly display spending and income by category and to allow for the selection of a specific time period. This helps with budgeting and identifying overall spending habits. For example, how much did you spend at Whole Foods last week? And how does that compare to the previous week? We also added a new account selector tool that makes it easy to observe one account at a time or multiple accounts at once.

What’s more, we made it easier for you to search and find specific transactions and label them “Tax Related”, “Business”, “Medical”, and “Reimbursable”. This makes it even simpler to get organized come tax time. You can also filter the list to display only cash, credit, investment, loan or mortgage transactions.

We also improved the way you can view and search Account Details. Now you can use a multiple select feature to search for, and apply changes to, multiple transactions at once. For example, the updated cash flow graph for bank accounts gives you complete at-a-glance information about net inflow and outflow over a select period of time. You can also take advantage of our new Holdings view in the Investment Accounts section. Easily see portfolio performance over time and hover over individual days to see specific movement. Filter via the income graph to view only income transactions within your investment accounts.

Our Portfolio feature also got an upgrade. We combined Holdings and Market Movers to create a more powerful feature that makes it easy to view your entire portfolio’s performance and compare it to major market indices today and over past periods. For example, did your portfolio outperform the S&P 500 today? What about the past month? You can select individual holdings as well and compare them to your overall portfolio and market indices, and view one-day balance changes or changes over time.

We updated our Performance feature to include views of overall and individual investment account performance, displaying reinvested dividends, cash flow, and splits. You may now also view the real performance of an investment account and determine which accounts are under-performing or dragging down your overall portfolio. Our Asset Allocation feature is also much faster and now lets you view your allocation on an individual account basis.

See the new features for yourself! Log in at or sign up for your free account.

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  1. Ian

    Love the new features, did however put in a request to see “This Month” view on the cashflow page. Outside of that I think the system is great and I’ve just about stopped using mint (really only use that for the budget feature).

    • Jim Del Favero

      We are planning on adding in a this month view to cash flow on both the web dashboard and on our mobile apps.

  2. BeeGee

    The features are great and love using them. Would also like to be able split transactions into multiple categories.

  3. Ted

    Does this update add the ability for users to map generic funds to private symbols in Asset Allocation; for example, many 401(k) have private investment symbols that track a benchmark (S&P)? I heard that this might be coming…

  4. Devan

    These features came out before I signed up, but just wanted to say they look great. Also, it would be great to have the same account selector that’s on the cash flow page appear on the net worth page. Sometimes it’s useful to me to see the line for just my cash and credit accounts (excluding investment accounts, loans, and mortgages), as a rough overall measure of how our budgeting is going.


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