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Meet Amin Dabit, Personal Capital’s Senior Vice President Financial Advisor

March 19, 2015 | Jacqueline Quasney

Over the next year or so, we’d like to highlight various Personal Capital employees from our Denver and San Francisco offices to share their background and stories. So often we think of financial institutions as large, faceless organizations. As a technology-assisted registered investment advisor who cares deeply about our product and our clients, we’d like to highlight our “Personal” in Personal Capital.

Name: Amin Dabit

Education: University of Colorado Boulder (Finance and Economics)

Role at Personal Capital: Senior Vice President Financial Advisor and Team Leader

How long have you been with Personal Capital: I started in October 2013

Hobbies: Time in the mountains with fly fishing being my favorite activity, love snow sports and recently started doing some sprint triathlons

Relationship status: In a long-term relationship

Investment Style: Just as I would advise my clients, I invest my money using Personal Capital’s Smart Indexing Strategy

Describe your role here at Personal Capital and your favorite thing about it.

As an Advisor, I get to have open conversations with individuals and families all over the country and help them develop better financial lives. As a team leader, I have the opportunity to help with the development of other advisors so we can be more effective when helping our clients.

Why did you decide to join Personal Capital?

I’m a big believer in technology and its disruptive change in all industries. After spending over 10 years at some of the biggest banks in the world I realized that I either have to be at an organization that is going to be part of that disruption or play defense for the rest of my career. I’m at Personal Capital because I believe it’s the future.

What’s unique about Personal Capital compared to others?

The first thing that makes Personal Capital stand a part from others is our technology – which speaks for itself and it’s only going to get better. Our people are just as important to what we are doing. We are lucky to have such a great group of people that are all focused on being part of something unique and special. We’re one big team that is working together to make a difference in an industry that has been the same for decades. Just being part of this has been an amazing experience.

Name a common investing mistake that you have witnessed or done yourself?

Timing or making long-term investments decisions based on short-term sentiment… basically allowing the behavioral/emotional aspect to negatively impact long-term investment decisions. Most of this stems from not having a specific plan or goal in place and tracking it along the way. Unfortunately, too many people end up doing nothing because they can’t pick the right plan or strategy and end up putting their financial decisions on the back burner and “waiting for the right time.”

What are your favorite features about Personal Capital’s free financial tools?

The fact that I can get a great holistic view of my overall financial situation at my fingertips. I’m super excited about some of the new features yet to come.

If you weren’t working at Personal Capital, what do you see yourself doing?

I would probably be involved in the finance technology space in some way.

If you could only be rich, famous, or powerful, which one would you choose and why?

I would pick rich because it would allow me the opportunity to have more great experiences and time with the people I care about the most. I would also be able to make more of an impact in the causes I care about.

What do you do in your free time?

I spend time with my girlfriend Stacy, friends, reading and getting out to the mountains when I can… And this summer hopefully I’ll continue my training for a sprint triathlon.

To learn more about our all-star-triathlete-fly-fishing-financial-advisor, check out a recent feature of Amin here.

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