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Meet Our Summer Interns, Class of 2016

June 29, 2016 | Marianne Ahlmann

We love summer at Personal Capital. And that’s not just because the sun is shining on our San Francisco offices and we’re just a few hours drive away from Lake Tahoe trips, Napa Valley wine excursions, and Las Vegas weekends. Summer is also when we bring a new crew of talented interns onto our team.

This summer, we welcome marketing, MBA, and engineering interns from across the country, joining us from Wharton, UC Berkeley, and the University of Chicago. Take a second to meet our new team members who will be working with us this summer to help bring you even more ways to live a better financial life:

Ramya Varma

MBA Marketing Intern, Wharton

What’s your background? I just finished my first year at Wharton, where I’m getting an MBA focused on marketing and entrepreneurial management. Before that, I spent 8 years investing in growth-stage tech companies at a private equity firm in New York.

What made you choose to intern at Personal Capital? Working with company management on growth strategy at my previous job really whetted my appetite to learn how to drive customer acquisition and manage a marketing budget. I also knew I wanted to work for a company whose product I could get behind and evangelize, where I truly understood the growth potential and value proposition for customers — that’s the investor in me talking! My internship at Personal Capital ticks both of those boxes, AND I’m privileged to work on mission-critical projects with an incredibly knowledgeable, welcoming team.

What’s your favorite thing about SF? Nothing beats Dolores Park for the sun, views, and people-watching. As if that’s not enough, Bi-Rite Market and Tartine Bakery are just down the street. I could lounge on the grass with friends and stuff my face all day.

Riley Bathauer

Marketing Intern, UC Berkeley

What’s your background? I have completed two years at UC Berkeley and will start pursuing an undergraduate degree in business at Haas School of Business in the Fall with a focus in marketing. I have also been pursuing freelance photography, videography, and design for about two years.

What made you choose to intern at Personal Capital? I am happy to work for a company that shares my belief that technology can help people live better lives and on a product that allows people to better manage their finances. As a member of the marketing team, I get the opportunity to expand my design and production skills and give creative and strategic input. Plus, the leadership team I work with provides phenomenal advice and are a pleasure to work with!

What’s your favorite thing about SF? I love working in a vibrant and busy city. To step out of the office and walk around Market Street provides extra motivation to grow professionally during my undergraduate studies. My favorite part of living in the city is discovering new places – there are so many!

Kathie Chuang

Marketing Intern, University of Chicago

What’s your background? I’m a rising senior at the University of Chicago studying economics and statistics. In my previous summers, I’ve done research at the Booth School of Business and research at the Startup Policy Lab in San Francisco. I’m working toward becoming an experienced, data-driven and innovative marketer.

What made you choose to intern at Personal Capital?
I’ve spent most of my young life sitting in a classroom learning how to become an economist and statistician. But, it wasn’t until the internship after my second year that I began to really develop an interest in data driven marketing and social entrepreneurship. I love learning with an exceptionally talented and encouraging team that emphasizes growth as well as working with an authentic and unique product that serves the community.

What’s your favorite thing about SF? I’m slightly obsessed with the boba and cold brew options here. These treats are a good analogy for how I see and what I love about San Francisco. Individuals who have their distinct personality and flavor, but are part of one super calorie-packed community of innovation and overall awesomeness.

Jack Taylor

MBA Marketing Intern, Wharton

What’s your background? I’m a rising second-year MBA student at Wharton specializing in Entrepreneurial Management and Marketing & Operations. Before business school, I spent 2 years doing early-stage investing in New York and 3 years on the short-term debt markets team at the Royal Bank of Scotland.

What made you choose to intern at Personal Capital? Having come from a pseudo-traditional finance background and possessing a deep interest in technology, I wanted to fuse the two together this summer, preferably at a fast-growing venture-backed company in the white hot fintech space. I also wanted to spend the summer honing a specific skill set, particularly marketing both because I’m studying it at school and because data-driven marketing is so crucial to every business on the planet right now. The role at Personal Capital couldn’t exceed my expectations any further: an analytical marketing position at a venture-backed fintech company with a talented, perceptive, and fun team to boot.

What’s your favorite thing about SF? At the risk of copping out, it’s a tie between the proximity to countless amazing outdoor sporting areas (Marin, Yosemite, Tahoe) and the Mexican influence at seemingly every eating establishment. Hiking and skiing are two of my favorite activities and are only minutes or hours away from the city, while Mexican is one of my favorite cuisines.

Ankit Kumar

Engineering Intern

What’s your background? I’m originally from India, completed my undergraduate studies in Computer Engineering from Pune University, India and immediately moved to Syracuse, New York to pursue my Master’s degree in Computer Science from Syracuse University. I recently interned at the BMW technology office in Mountain View.

What made you choose to intern at Personal Capital? The finance and wealth management industry has not kept up with the exponential advance in technology over time, and Personal Capital is changing that. I couldn’t be happier to be a part of it. I’m excited to learn and be a part of building a system at such scale, with a very talented and dedicated engineering team. I aim to learn lots of new technologies, how to write maintainable and extensible code and how to work in cross-functional teams while being constantly challenged by new opportunities.

What’s your favorite thing about SF? The weather has to be my favorite thing about SF, but the fact that there is always a multitude of things to do on any given day makes it a very lively and lovable city.

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