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Money Magazine’s Deep Dive on Digital Financial Tools

Money Magazine’s piece “Online Financial Advisor: Everything You Need to Know About Using and Choosing a Robo-Advisor” explains why online financial tools could be a key part of your financial future. Digital financial systems, such as Personal Capital, can help you manage your investments and offers free tools to help you plan your finances.

The article notes that there are some key things to think about when selecting which type financial system works best for you:

  • They can be limited in what they do. Many of these services have limits in the types of accounts they can manage for you, with most only focusing on IRAs and taxable accounts. Here at Personal Capital, we can give advice on how to manage the investments in your retirement accounts, such as suggesting an appropriate allocation.
  • You can pay for human help. Many online financial tools offer advice that isn’t comprehensive as it would be coming from a human financial advisor. An experienced advisor is also often able to help you determine your financial goals and challenges in a way that a purely online system cannot. Personal Capital is among the few of these that offers live advisors with high levels of service and a personal touch.
  • Each tool is different. Different online financial tools have different styles, and the number of available portfolio options given can vary widely. While most investment portfolios are composed of ETFs, Personal Capital uses a combination of individual stocks and ETFs in the place of just ETFs or mutual funds.

If you’re facing a major life decision, such as starting a family or opening your own business, Personal Capital can help you make financial decisions based on your life situation and all your assets.

Read the full article here.

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