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Keeping track of numerous transactions across multiple accounts can be a difficult task. But with your Personal Capital Dashboard, it’s easy to organize your cash flow and expenses. Here’s how, in three easy steps.

Sign In. When you sign in to your Personal Capital account, simply click “Cash Flow” to view Income and Spending. Both Income and Spending features contain their own circle chart. Next to these charts, you will find a list of corresponding categories for income and spending trends shown in the chart, including Mortgage, Hobbies, Groceries, Gifts, and more. These categories also correspond with your list of transactions, displayed below the circle chart.

Your Spending transactions are arranged by category into an interactive circle chart. You can also track spending over time with the Cash Flow by Week bar chart.

Your Spending transactions are arranged by category into an interactive circle chart. You can also track spending over time with the Cash Flow by Week bar chart.

Edit Transactions. Click any transaction in the list below the circle chart to expand the Description tool. You can tag different expenses “Business”, “Medical”, “Reimbursable” or “Tax Related”. You can also write in a personalized description. For example, if “Check” doesn’t fully describe your $130 payment, you can type in “Dog-Sitter Fee” or whatever the correct description may be. You can also select various categories from the drop-down menu.

Change the description, category, or tag for any transaction by simply clicking on the transaction itself.

Change the description, category, or tag for any transaction by simply clicking on the transaction itself.

If you would like to apply changes to multiple categories at once, simply click the pencil icon at the top of your list of transactions. This will allow you to place a check mark next to any transaction in the list. Add the appropriate tag, enter a description, or select a category from the drop down menu to make changes to your selected transactions.

Click “Done”. Once you’ve made the desired changes to a particular transaction, click “Done” to apply your edits. Your changes will be incorporated into your Income and Spending circle charts, as well as your Cash Flow bar chart.

Questions about editing transaction categories? Email us at [email protected], or send us a message via Facebook or Twitter.

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  1. Riff Raff

    Well, they make it sound so easy, but, while the categories are basically OK, you cannot add more or have sub-categories. And I’ve been waiting for a long time to be able to split a transaction into multiple categories, but it’s still not supported. And four tags? That you cant edit? Seriously? Worthless.

  2. Eric

    Is the ability to edit/add/split categories live or coming?

  3. Alistair McGregor

    Also interested in a custom category option!

  4. Leidy Matos

    I am also waiting on the option to add and customize the categories. I also need to create reports and be able to print them, especially for the tax deductible expenses. Does anyone knows how to do that?

  5. Alan Swircenski

    I also would like the ability to add and edit categories.

  6. Lara

    Why can’t I edit or add new categories?

  7. Eddy

    I would like to know which category is best for transit passes or monthly tolls? I can’t seem to find one for either…

    • Sunny S. Jamil

      I am wondering the same thing! I cannot choose a suitable category from the list for commute transaction!

  8. ebg1962

    I sent an email to support inquiring about this; it would be IDEAL to have Schedule C tax form categories for us self-employed folks rather than have to transpose at the end of every tax year to fit the IRS categories. I would PAY a small monthly fee for such convenience! Otherwise I LOVE this service, simply the BEST!

  9. mb

    I agree with the other commenters, editable categories/tags and reports are the only thing keeping me from ditching Mint and going with PC.

  10. Nick

    … still waiting for editable categories? Please Personal Capital! How is this not supported yet?

  11. Ali Raza

    + 1
    Need custom categories. Lyft and Uber show up as ‘Travel’. However, I think it should be ‘transportation’. Many people have a travel budget for things like vacation.

  12. matt

    Still need the ability to create categories. So many missing items. Our condo association dues have no home.

  13. Greg

    I, also, need to edit categories (including Schedule C Categories in the drop-down list would be a great start). Tags and reports are also needed. Everything’s great, otherwise.

  14. Andy

    Please allow custom categories! I want to cut down on my ‘going out’ expenses at bars but there is no way to separate these costs from the general Restaurants category. This also includes dining out and coffee houses. Why do users need to be restrained to pre determined categories to track their own spending?

  15. Mike

    When I am analyzing my spending I can look back at the whole year and see all my transactions. I was wondering if I could ‘exclude’ a certain type of transaction from this view though. I’d like to be able to:
    click “Spending” –> Transactions –> put in my parameters ( All Accounts –> This month/year, etc.) and then EXCLUDE ‘Charitable Giving”, or something like that. Is there a way to have more specific filters?

  16. Michael

    For the love of God, please do this.

  17. GrantM

    Yes, please add custom categories. I realize it is much more complicated, but the ability to split a transaction across multiple categories would be icing on the cake.

  18. Drea Leed

    I would use Personal Capital if it had a custom category option–but as it doesn’t, it’s pretty worthless to me.

    • S Mullins

      No video walk-through on website (intuitively visible anyway) – went to 3rd party YouTube reviewer. Unclear whether ability to create categories and split receipts – found information on threads. Custom categories and split receipts is the #1 reason we are looking for a program. Spending time to write constructive criticism for your consideration. Best.

  19. Richard S

    How do you define a Category from the contents of the Description field? Right now a monthly ‘Chase’ (Description) payment always gets assigned the Category ‘ATM/Cash’ instead of ‘Credit Card Payments’. We need a personalized mapping, e.g. if Description contains the string ‘xxx yyy’, then Category is ‘zzz’.

  20. amoose

    Let me chime in, too. I would switch over from Mint if PC had this feature – it’s superior in just about every other way. I was searching how to do this on the web and found many many requests for this made over many many years now. Please, PC, get to this!

  21. Anonymous

    I also would like custom categories. Please add!!!

    • Tamar Kuyumjian

      Tamar Kuyumjian

      Thanks for your feedback – though we don’t have that feature yet, we’re planning on it! Stay tuned for updates soon.

  22. Jon Robelia

    Remembering categorizations so that you don’t have to categorize the same transactions every month would be great. Really nice feature on Mint.

  23. Jo

    Custom categories are there now. Not sure how long they’ve been there.

  24. Jason

    Some expenses such as credit card payment shows up as income and though I change the category it remains as income on charts. How do I stop from inflating my income amount for a more accurate financial picture

    • Jack

      I have similar problem with expenses. I paid some large bills via EFT. These transactions are classified as transfer and no matter how I change category they are not considered as expenses.

  25. Charlie

    Please allow splitting transactions – just this feature is keeping me from switching from Mint.

  26. Trevor Smith

    Yeah, I love the interface of this far beyond mint. But no transaction splitting makes it a deal breaker.

    • Anonymous


  27. Erika

    Please allow for splitting transactions! We spend a ton at places like Costco, etc, but half is groceries, the other half is usually something else, but I am inflating my “Grocery” spend each month this way.

  28. Rick Ruettiger

    As folks start to leave Quicken (due to its recent adoption of a subscription model), they’ll compare features. Some glaring deficiencies from Quicken are the ability to split transactions between categories within a single transaction, sub categories (like Utilities:Gas vs Utilities:Electric or Insurance:Health vs Insurance:Auto), being able to change how newly downloaded transactions are categorized (what if all my ‘Tropic Air’ bills are Restaurants, and not Travel?). Printing of reports is also badly needed. These new features will all take time to develop, of course. You have a perfect window here to capture the old, and vast, Quicken audience, but it won’t last forever.

  29. Steve S

    I agree with what Rick Reuttiger says above 100%. I am ready to bolt from Quicken, but those features that Rick mentions prevents me from going to Personal Capital. I think folks would pay a reasonable small annual or monthly fee if the features matched what Quicken provides.

  30. Jonathan S

    Yes, the ability to split transactions and enter budget amounts would make this a much more viable choice for those bailing on Quicken. I realize it’s a free program and the simplicity of it is attractive, but I do miss those features.

  31. Tim K

    Another Quicken user here, ready to ditch it. Agree with those above: looking for splits, sub-categories, remembering transaction categories, printing reports, historical charting/performance by security rather than the whole account, ability to enter cost basis information for each security, and overall gain/loss by security.

  32. Nauman H

    Please develop functionality to allow splitting of transactions..

  33. Dave

    I’m adding my vote for split transactions. I want to be a former Quicken user.

  34. Jeremy

    Now that we have the ability to create categories, there should also be the ability to assign an expense to always file as a particular category.

    If PC always categorizes my guitar center purchases as automotive, I assume based on the name assigned as the debitor to my account, then I should be able to assign a specific association to a category for that name so that going forward it will not need me to correct it.

  35. Jeremy

    We need the ability to assign a particular account debtor to a category so that when PC sees the debit on the account it will categorize it the way we want it to be categorized, rather than having us need to change it every time.

  36. Jon

    What we need are “trainable categories” – i.e. fuzzy match. So that once a set of transactions is trained to a certain category, then future transactions are automatically set to that category.
    For example: take a debit card purchase for food at El Pollo Loco

    Sometimes it comes in as “El Pollo Loco#453589” and other times “ElPolloLoco#32458” – but with a 50% match for example – El Pollo Loco always goes to Food-Restaurants.

    The best scenario would be the ability to set a “strictness setting” say 1, 2, 3, 4 – with 1 being a very loose match, and 4 being an absolute match, for enough transactions so that we can get all new transactions to be automatic.

  37. Suresh

    I signed up for Personal Capital in order to bail on Quicken after 20+ years. However, inability to split transactions will force to stay with Quicken a little longer. Hope to see that functionality added soon.

  38. Rick

    I have already switched from Quicken to Personal Capital, but I SORELY miss the following Quicken features that would be VERY popular and that would be easy adds to Personal Capital:

    1. Allow the user to split a transaction into multiple categories (same Costco example as Erika above).

    2. Memorize the categories of deposits from the same payor, and payments to the same payee, so that the user can avoid the mindless typing of that information for recurring transactions (for example, paychecks, utility bills, grocery stores, etc.)

    PERSONAL CAPITAL, PLEASE ADD THESE FEATURES! I am certain they would lead to many more former Quicken users.

    Thank you.

  39. Charles

    Just heard about personal capital from FI podcast (financial Independence). Was so excited to try it until I realized you can’t split a category on a transaction entry?? Unfortunately there’s no way our family can use this software without that basic option. Very surprised.


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