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I’m very pleased to tell you that Jay Shah has been promoted to CEO of our company. It’s a great move for our firm and will yield solid benefits for our customers.

First, let me tell you about Jay. He was most recently our chief operating officer, where he led both our engineering and advisory teams. Our mission is: “Better financial lives through technology and people,” so Jay has been the person who brings the technology and people together. His new role will mean even greater innovation in the services we offer to users and clients.

I will continue as the company’s full-time chairman. And I’ll do what I love – working on strategies to make your experience with the firm the best in the world.

The company has doubled assets under management in the past year and is performing above plan and at record levels. Jay has driven some of the company’s most important growth initiatives and is the ideal person to power our future growth.

Please join me in congratulating Jay.

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Bill Harris

Bill Harris

Bill Harris is the founder of Personal Capital. He has spent 25 years building financial technology, notably serving as CEO of Intuit and PayPal. He is the founder of several financial technology companies and has served on the boards of numerous technology firms, such as SuccessFactors, RSA Security, Macromedia, and


  1. Financial Samurai

    Congrats Jay! I think you’ll do great. You’ve always been very warm, friendly, and thoughtful.

    Have fun being Chairman Bill!



  2. Mark

    Great work and Congrats!

  3. David H Douglass

    Jay — congratulations!



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