Personal Capital: A Year in Review

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Take a look at all we’ve achieved this past year. Looking forward to another great year creating better financial lives through technology and people.

Infographic of Personal Capital’s 2017 Year in Review
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Personal Capital

Personal Capital

Better financial lives through technology and people.


  1. Bill

    Thank you for a great website! Great job

  2. Johnny

    Very good app

  3. Salim Panjwani

    I would love to use Personal Captial, please let me know if there is a plan to include connectivity to the Canadian Financial institutions. I would love to be part of your team if you are looking for a user advisory group or something similar.

  4. G Man

    Excellent app and webiste. Thank you

  5. G Man

    Great app and great website. Thank you

  6. Nina

    Amazing tool.

  7. Montana A

    I am so happy with my PC services! Thank you for building such a great product. In 2018 my husband and I are hoping to build up our nest egg with money from two incomes. We also are hoping to travel, travel, travel and make a few home improvements.

  8. Ralph Groves

    2018 goal, add 20 or more sfh to our rental portfolio.

  9. Dean & Andrea Pence

    We have been with Personal Capital since their early days in San Fransico. Not one regret! Personal Capital consistently exceeds our expectations. No more wild rides as the market expands and contracts. Steady growth with a comprehensive Strategic Plan taylored to us, for us. Personal Capital’s commitment to fulfilling their fuduciary responsibility is above reproach. Thank you Bill, Craig, Kyle and our advisory team for the peace of mind and handsome returns.

  10. Owodunni Bada


  11. Edward Redington

    Awesome! A complete review of personal financial matters in seconds. The most useful app on my iphone.


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