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Personal Capital Launches Financial Fitness Program In Silicon Valley

At the start of 2016, most people set health goals around losing weight, but smart investors set their financial goals around gaining wealth. That’s why this week, we’re excited to announce the launch of our new Financial Fitness program, which enables employers to help their employees reach wealth goals. The program (which launched in Silicon Valley) is designed to help employers work toward alleviating much of the financial stress that employees face in their daily lives, from eliminating debt to saving more for retirement.

When companies join the program, their employees will receive:

Award-winning financial literacy tools to track financial health, including reviewing portfolio diversification, analyzing investment fees, and calculating if the employee is on track to achieving a financially secure retirement.

A free, annual, one-on-one consultation with a licensed financial advisor to answer questions and make sure their current financial plan aligns with their life goals.

Company specific in-person seminars
hosted at the employer’s offices, focusing on topics such as Stock Options 101, Understanding your 401(k), and Basics of Personal Financial Planning.

Financial literacy education delivered in the form of newsletters, blog posts, and a Guide To Financial Fitness.

As Personal Capital CEO, Bill Harris, says:

“With the decline of pensions and the uncertainty of Social Security, people feel more pressure to manage their own financial lives – and many don’t know where to start,” said Personal Capital CEO, Bill Harris. “By working with employers to offer financial literacy programs to their employees, we give people the tools they need to create a secure future. We believe in democratizing access to these tools and services, and the workplace is a great place to start.”

Want to learn more about Personal Capital’s Financial Fitness program or how we could work with your company? Visit: or email [email protected]

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