Personal Capital Lowers Investment Minimum From $100,000 To $25,000

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At Personal Capital, it’s our mission to transform the way people understand, manage and grow their net worth. So today, we’re excited to announce that we have lowered our investment minimum from $100,000 to $25,000, giving more Americans access to the financial advice and wealth management services they need to reach their life goals.

Across the country, Americans at every asset level are making the same mistakes when it comes to investing: paying high management fees for poorly optimized asset allocations. With our lowered minimum, we can help more people improve their financial lives through human advisors and unmatched financial analytics.

With the launch of Personal Capital’s lowered minimum, CEO, Bill Harris, comments:

“We’re democratizing access for more people to take advantage of our expertise and services to improve their financial lives. By decreasing the investment minimum, we’re giving those just entering a complex financial life access to an experienced advisor – a service wealth management firms typically reserve for millionaires.”

Personal Capital clients with investable assets between $25,000 and $100,000 will receive:

• Portfolios composed of ETFs that are designed to take advantage of asset location, tax loss harvesting and disciplined rebalancing
• Access to Personal Capital’s full suite of financial planning services
• A licensed Advisory Service Team to answer questions and advise clients on college planning, estate planning, home purchases, 401k allocation, and more

When Personal Capital clients hit $100,000 in investable assets, they have access to a second dedicated Financial Advisor, as well as increased customization and optimized tax opportunities with access to individual equities for the U.S. equity portion of their portfolios. Our clients are charged a flat fee of 0.89%, which is one of the lowest management advisory fees in the industry.

To learn more, sign up for a free consultation today or check out the news in Wall Street Journal.

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Marianne Ahlmann

Marianne Ahlmann

Marianne is Communications and Content Manager at Personal Capital.

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  1. M. Moinuddin

    Instead of lowering the minimal investment amount to $25K you should lower the management fee to around 0.5% since you have surpassed the 2Billion mark!
    Vanguard charges 0.3% management fee;dont they?
    Thanks for reading!!


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