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At Personal Capital, we believe that knowing where you stand is the first step to reaching your goals. With the new Retirement Forecast Calculator, it’s easy to see how changes in saving, spending, and retirement age will impact the likelihood and timing of reaching your retirement goal. Lots of people will be happy to find they are in better shape than they thought. Those that aren’t can start making the right steps to improve the situation.

The Retirement Forecast Calculator uses Monte Carlo Simulations to project how much money you are likely to have each year, and also displays the odds your money will last through retirement. It’s a great way to get a taste of how Personal Capital makes information beautiful, easy to understand and useful. But the Personal Capital Retirement Forecast Calculator is just a first step; in the coming months, we expect to incorporate users’ unique data to share a more sophisticated version called the Personal Forecast into our Financial Dashboard. We are already using it behind the scenes to help us manage client assets and allow investors to optimize their Asset Allocation on the Investment Checkup feature of the Dashboard.

Integrating the Personal Forecast into the Dashboard will be a pivotal moment for Financial Planning. For the first time, individuals will have a living, breathing retirement plan tied through aggregation to their real-time balance sheet and asset allocation. Changes in portfolio values or risk levels will be instantly reflected. Goals and income items can be added and easily updated. Curious to see the impact of private school tuition or a vacation home on your retirement goals? Soon, it will be easy – and with no statements or long questionnaires to fill out.

Most people know that financial planning is important, but few do it because if just feels so overwhelming. Take it one step at a time – just check out the Retirement Forecast Calculator for now to get a glimpse of what a goal and a bit of information can do. From there, of course we hope you’ll download the free Personal Capital app, aggregate your accounts and start to interact with your money in a whole new way.

Photo Credit: John Liu, Flickr Creative commons


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