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Technology-Assisted Financial Advisor Personal Capital Disrupts Wall Street

Bill Harris, our CEO, was featured on CNBC to discuss the rise of technology-assisted financial advisory firms such as Personal Capital. Unlike “robo-advisors,” who only use algorithms to manage their clients money, Personal Capital uses human financial advisors plus technology to service our customers better.

Personal Capital is a Registered Investment Advisor who has a fiduciary duty to do what’s best for our clients, unlike brokerage firms who only have a “suitability standard.” Want to invest your entire portfolio in one stock? An RIA won’t let you for your own good, but a broker could.

Have a watch as Bill explains the current market potential for Personal Capital to disrupt the traditional wealth management industry. What was originally supposed to be a debate with Josh Brown, a CNBC regular contributor, and self-proclaimed “reformed broker” turned into a harmonious discussion on opportunity. (To view on mobile, see the original footage on CNBC).

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