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Our free retirement calculator shows you where you stand now and will help you understand how much you’ll need to save for retirement and meet your goals.

Start by telling us about your current financial picture. Use the sliders to see how small changes today could affect your retirement success.

I’m years old and I plan to retire at age

I save $10,000 a year

I currently have $100,000 saved for retirement

My risk tolerance is Moderate


I plan on spending $100,000 per year for retirement

I plan on starting Social Security at the age of 65

I plan on receiving $15,000 per year from Social Security

Median Projected Portfolio Value

Your plan is likely to require adjustments. Our forecast showed you will be able to support your indicated goals in 32% of the hypothetical scenarios, depending on market returns and timing.

A projection which depletes quickly in retirement, usually implies adjustments are needed. We understand saving more or spending less is difficult. But doing so, even in modest amounts, is likely to allow you to maintain a more consistent lifestyle over time - typically a major goal of good financial planning. If you're still working, you can also target a later retirement age. Investing efficiently and appropriately is also important.

You can use Personal Capital’s free Retirement Planner™ tool to plan for retirement in real time, and make adjustments based on planned events like when you want to take Social Security, if you plan to send your kids to college, and more.

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