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The Financial Index: Thursday, Feb. 2

February 2, 2012 | Daily Capital

The Financial Index is Daily Capital’s roundup of our Editor’s Picks for the day — featured trends and market analysis from around the Web.

Fed’s Bernanke Testifies Before House; USD Drops on Dovish Tone

Daily FX: Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke presented his testimony on the U.S. economic outlook the House Budget Committee, predicting more growth this year than last, but maintaining a bearish stance.

Small Cap Stocks Suggest Rally is Real

Investor Place: Global markets are off to a good start in 2012, but is the rally real or just a counter-trend? The answer can be found if you look in the right places.

Davidson on Inflation and S&P Levels:

Value Walk: ValuePlays shows that inflation is contained and things are looking up for investors.

The Bigger the January, the Better the Year

Investor Place: The “January Effect” says investors can forecast the rest of the year based on what happens in its first month. James Brumley speculates on what this January could tell theorists about 2012.

The World’s Greatest Retirement Portfolio

Motley Fool: Last summer Brian Stoffel chose 10 companies he predicted could be a great foundation for your retirement account. He put his money where his mouth is, but was he correct? Stoffel checks in with an update on “The World’s Greatest Retirement Portfolio.”

Facebook vs. Apple: A View from the Trading Floor

Value Walk: Facebook’s IPO announcement has generated a lot of chatter, but it could be all hype. Apple, on the other hand, has shown consistent results, making it a more enticing option.

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