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Buying a home used to be an integral part of the “American Dream.” Even though it may not always be the most central focus of realizing that dream any more, many Americans list buying a home as one of their top long-term financial goals. Recent studies found that 75% of Americans say that buying a home is a priority, and in 2017, 34% of American home buyers were first-time home buyers.

The Personal Capital First-Time Home Buyer’s Guide is designed to help you navigate the ins and outs of buying a first home. There are many things to consider before making such an important investment that will certainly impact your life – financial and otherwise – for years to come.

Anyone who has owned a home can likely attest that with ownership comes a lot of benefits, but it’s not without its potential drawbacks. Before making the leap, make sure you’ve given careful consideration as to how your home fits into your financial plans and investing strategy.

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  • What to consider when buying a home – the current housing market and your long-term financial goals can impact your decision on whether to buy a home.
  • The finances of home buying – the finances that are involved with home buying can get complex, from understanding what goes into potential upfront costs to ongoing ones.
  • Home buying and your portfolio – while a primary home can be a wonderful investment, learning how a home fits into your portfolio and risk tolerance is important.
  • Tax implications of homeownership – owning property comes with many tax-related advantages and disadvantages, especially in light of tax reform.
  • The impact of how you title your house – There are several ways you can purchase your home, which can impact not only your ownership, but what happens to your home in the future.

Read the Free Guide

*Note: This guide serves as an educational guide for those interested in buying a primary home to live in for the first time, and does not cover investment properties or vacation homes.


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