Personal Capital Retire Smart Guide – 65 Expert Tips

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Download your free Personal Capital Retire Smart guide today to learn everything from tracking your budget to living your dreams.

Retirement isn’t the end – instead, it’s the beginning of an exciting, brand-new chapter in your life.

Every day, our advisors chat with people just like you about planning, saving and investing to get the most out of retirement. We’ve put together the results of those conversations and want to pass them on to you with 65 expert tips on how to retire smart.

Key insights include tips on:

  • Taking stock – understand where you are currently
  • Planning – tackle some clever retirement planning steps now
  • Saving – discover the secrets to smart saving
  • Investing – learn investment tips from retirement experts
  • Thriving – tap into some tips on loving your retirement

Get your free Personal Capital Retire Smart guide today!

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Amin Dabit, CFP®

Amin Dabit, CFP®

Amin Dabit is the Director of Advisor Services with Personal Capital. Along with the EVP of Advisory, Amin helps lead Personal Capital’s financial planning experience and advice. Amin brings over a dozen years of experience in private wealth management and financial planning. Amin works with the advisory team to identify and establish strategies for reaching clients' financial goals by providing comprehensive, customized financial advice designed to improve their financial lives.
Amin Dabit, CFP®

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  1. ninas nians

    Yes to Personal Capital

  2. Anonymous

    The most important tip is #65. Never forget that one.

    Also great insights in the other tips too.

    Thanks Personal Capital.

    New Jersey

  3. Rachel Truesdale

    I would like to get out of debt but I live on a fix income. So it dont make up much, am trying to save for a place to live,and pay the bills I owe now,it just don’t work,

  4. Victoria

    These tips are life changing. Thanks for sharing them.

  5. Markus

    51 – Investing a lump sum all at once is as good – if not better – than piecemeal. If you have a lump sum available to invest (e.g. you are moving over an IRA or have $100,000 in cash to invest), and you invest that piecemeal, you are essentially trying to time the market instead of spending time in the market.

    Wouldn’t it be better to dollar cost average instead of dumping the 100k in at once, since THAT would be more like trying to time the market?


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