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We reinvented the piggy bank.





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  • Flexible

    Unlimited Transactions4

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    2.30% APY 

  • Secure

    FDIC Insured2

Get more with Personal Capital Cash.

No Fees

No Fees

Not now, not ever, not for anything. Why should you have to pay for withdrawing your money?

No Minimum Balance

No Minimum Balance

Got a dollar? Drop it in. Literally, that’s all it takes to start earning with Personal Capital Cash.

FDIC Insured

FDIC Insured

Not only is your money covered by the FDIC, you also get 6x the coverage of what most banks offer - up to an aggregate of $1,500,000.

Earn More

Earn 23x more

That’s not a typo. Earn 23x the national rate you’ll get for a typical savings account.

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