Your Investment Portfolio Deserves A Second Opinion

See how well your investments are performing – and how they could do even better – with the Investment Checkup tool. Compare your current portfolio allocation to the ideal target allocation designed to minimize risk and maximize returns to meet your financial goals.

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Personal Capital DashboardPersonal Capital DashboardPersonal Capital Dashboard

Build A Personal Financial Plan

Get a customized financial plan based on your current holdings
and goals with the Investment Checkup tool.

Assess Your Risk

Review the risk in your portfolio. If you’re taking on too much investment risk, you’ll get suggestions on ways to achieve similar levels of performance while reducing risk.

Assess Your RiskAssess Your RiskAssess Your Risk

Compare Your Portfolio To The Target

See if your current investments are positioned to capture the greatest returns possible. Establish a benchmark for your investments.

Target PortfolioTarget PortfolioTarget Portfolio

Get A Target Allocation

Receive an investment strategy that is the optimal blend of asset classes to achieve a given risk-adjusted return. For a more specific long-term plan, try our Retirement Planner.

Get A Target AllocationGet A Target AllocationGet A Target Allocation

Analyze Past Performance

Examine how your portfolio would have performed in the past. Compare the performance of your investments over time against your recommended Target Allocation. Would you have left money on the table?

Analyze Past PerformanceAnalyze Past PerformanceAnalyze Past Performance
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