Is Your Net Worth Greater Than You Think?

Our mission is to help you understand your net worth – what you have minus what you owe – through the Personal Capital Dashboard. Link your investing, retirement and bank accounts, as well as credit accounts such as a mortgage, home equity and credit cards. With our online tool, you’ll get a complete picture of your net worth, any time, on any device.

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Know Your Net Worth

Follow Your Cash Flow

Track your spending down to the penny with the Personal Capital Cash Flow tool. You can view transactions by category, merchant or date in one convenient location. Gain transparency into where your money goes each month, so you can plan for the future, find ways to cut back and prepare for big expenditures.

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Explore Your Asset Allocation

Knowing how your resources are allocated is a key part of a successful investing strategy. Use our free tools to get a complete view of your asset allocation across all of your accounts, including stocks, bonds, alternative investments (such as REITs) or employee stock options. You can get a comprehensive, high-level view of your accounts, or explore your investments and holdings in depth by exploring different categories.

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Track Your Portfolio Performance

It’s important to know how your net worth is changing over time, so you can meet your long- and short-term financial goals. Learn how individual investments are performing, or review your entire portfolio at once. View performance by month, year or over the lifetime of your accounts with our easy-to-use portfolio tracking tools.

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