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Our mission is to help you understand your net worth – what you have minus what you owe – through the Personal Capital Dashboard.

Know Your Net Worth
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Link Your Investing,
Retirement & Bank Accounts

As well as credit accounts such as a mortgage, home equity, and credit cards. Get a complete picture of your net worth, any time, on any device. Not sure what net worth is all about? Learn more about the only figure that really matters.

Simply put, net worth illustrates the amount in cash you would have left over after selling all of your assets to pay your liabilities, providing a measure of your overall financial health and stability. Your net worth can either be negative or positive.

What Is Net Worth?

Your net worth is an equation: every significant thing you own (assets)
minus what you owe (your debts and other liabilities).

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Includes what you may owe on your assets and other debts, such as a mortgage, car and student loans, and credit card debt.

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Includes cash, investments such as IRAs, 401k accounts, other retirement accounts, bonds and stocks, your home, and other valuables such as your vehicles and jewelry.

Why Knowing Your Net Worth Matters

Compare yourself to others - track your progress as compared to the average net worth for your age or income bracket.

Median U.S. Household Net Worth

As shown in this chart, the median U.S. household net worth is not sufficient for most investors to realize a comfortable retirement. Net worth peaks at retirement age for those 65+ since house and property values may account for the majority of the net worth calculation. For younger age brackets, net worth is impacted by holding significant debt such as a mortgage and student loans, along with lower salaries and assets, but over time these investments may result in higher net worth households.

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Track Your Portfolio Performance

It’s important to know how your net worth is changing over time, so you can meet your long- and short-term financial goals.

Learn how individual investments are performing, or review your entire portfolio at once. View performance by month, year, or over the lifetime of your accounts with our easy-to-use portfolio tracking tools.

Want more information about following your portfolio? Learn everything you need to know about tracking financial performance.

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