Free Retirement Calculator And Planning Tools

Our highly sophisticated, realistic Retirement Planning Calculator is completely free when you join Personal Capital. With Retirement Planner, you’ll know exactly where you stand relative to your retirement goals. Now you can build, manage, and forecast your retirement plan in one convenient location.

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Assess Your Retirement Readiness

Using your actual financial data from the accounts you’ve linked to the Personal Capital Dashboard, you’ll see how prepared you are for retirement based on your ideal target retirement date.

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Anticipate Big Expenses

Planning for college? Buying a new home? Getting married? Adopting a child? Add these events to Retirement Planner, and see their impact on your retirement plan.

Add Income Events

Retirement Planner automatically calculates your monthly income and projected Social Security distributions. You can easily include additional sources of income such as rental income, pensions, inheritances, or other windfalls. You can also compare multiple retirement scenarios against your current plan.

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Evaluate Your Spending

Take advantage of a data-driven retirement plan (built on robust modeling tools and Monte Carlo analysis of your actual spending and savings habits) to see the most likely financial outcomes. Use this feature to determine the monthly spending you can afford.

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