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Finally, Your Financial Life in One Place

The only wealth management tool you'll ever need

Portfolio Performance

You can track your investments by account, asset class or individual security. Know what you own and how it's performing. Pinpoint market movers and how your portfolio compares to major indices. Put yourself in the driver's seat when it comes to your investments. Only with Personal Capital.

Asset Allocation

Just how diversified are you? Find out with just one click. Discover where you're invested, from international stocks to bonds, from alternatives to cash. Find the exact percentage of each asset class within your portfolio.

Mobile Apps

Keep track of your finances at home and on the go. Our mobile apps make it easy to see account balances and transactions, plus investment performance and market gainers and losers - no matter where you are. Download our award-winning iOS app here and our all-new app for Android here.

Investment Checkup

Could your portfolio be working harder? A few changes now could offer you a more secure financial future or an early retirement. Find out how much you stand to gain and how to make any adjustments. Is your portfolio on target?

401k Fee Analyzer

Find out if you're paying too much in 401k fees. We'll benchmark your 401k against our own 0.5% plan and determine whether your plan is Red (over 2%), Yellow (1.01%-2%); or Green (1% and below). Then we'll help you do something about it. It's easy with this free tool.

Mutual Fund Fee Calculator

Instantly know just how much your investments are costing you. Our Mutual Fund Fee Calculator shows you just how much investment fees could cost you over time. We want to help you not only invest better, but also ultimately save you money.

Monitoring Emails

We want to keep you in-the-know about your financial life, from bank accounts to investment performance. That's why we send you personalized updates summarizing weekly highlights and any insight we may provide to help you keep your finances on the right track.

Research & Insights

Our team of experts continues to build out a library of resources to help you better understand your entire financial life. With weekly reports and quarterly videos, plus in-depth white papers and more, we aim to keep you in the know about your money. 

Reap The Benefits

Good things happen when you use Personal Capital

All accounts in one place

Checking, savings, brokerage, retirement, mortgages and loans. We all lead complex financial lives. Now there’s a way to see it all, know your total net worth and keep your financial goals on track. We have a free and secure way to manage all of your money.

Smarter decisions

We help you make smarter decisions about your finances. That’s because our free software provides you with a holistic view of your money when you link your financial accounts. Stay informed about your money. See all you have, all in one place.

Real-time updates

We use technology to ensure your account information is timely and accurate every time you log in to view your personal Dashboard. From account balances to investment performance, instantly get a complete and real-time picture of your financial life.

Unbiased financial advice

Finance and tech experts built Personal Capital to provide a comprehensive and objective wealth management solution for people with complex financial lives. Our free software helps you keep track of your short- and long-term financial goals.

Fraud protection

Multi-factor authentication requires you to personally approve the device you use to access Personal Capital. We use military-grade encrypted algorithms and make it easy for you to spot transactions that are out of the ordinary.


Leading technology and personalized financial tools enrich your Personal Capital experience and also make it affordable. When you sign up for Personal Capital and link your accounts, you’ll get a customized wealth management experience – for FREE.

Track your net worth

We encourage you to link your financial accounts to our secure platform. The more accounts you link, the more complete your financial picture. Track your total net worth across accounts. Keep track of your entire financial life.

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