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Better Financial Lives Through Technology and People

Our team has decades of experience successfully managing billions of dollars for individuals and large institutions. We built Personal Capital Advisors with a clean slate and a simple quest - revolutionize wealth management by combining people and technology to provide the type of service previously reserved exclusively for the ultra-high net worth.

Personal Capital manages over $1 billion in assets for individuals and families. We provide wealth management services to thousands of investors, and more are joining every day. Here’s why:

The Right Approach

  • We don’t look for home runs, but we’re not satisfied with the performance of traditional indexes like the S&P 500
  • We utilize tax management so you keep more of your money
  • We take a holistic approach including free financial planning and advice

The Right Portfolio

  • We’re truly personal, building a custom portfolio based on your life and your goals
  • We maximize diversification using all available liquid asset classes
  • We use a combination of individual stocks and ETFs for improved precision

The Right Relationship

  • We are fiercely independent with no conflict of interest and no products
  • We charge one simple low fee – less than the average mutual fund and no additional trade costs
  • We offer dedicated Advisors and an experienced Investment Committee

Investment Committee

The Personal Capital Advisors Investment Committee is responsible for managing all client assets. This includes asset allocation, portfolio construction, security selection, tax management, portfolio monitoring and rebalancing, trade oversight and more.

The Committee works in conjunction with your Advisor, who ensures we understand and stay current with your financial landscape and goals, and that we deliver a service model tailored to your wants and needs.

The Committee has decades of experience investing billions of dollars and delivering innovative solutions for high net worth individuals and renowned institutions. Our objective is to help you build and maintain superior, personalized investment portfolios by understanding and focusing on your needs and priorities, then taking into account how global events impact capital markets and your investment portfolio.

Bill Harris

Chief Executive Officer

Bill is the co-founder and CEO of Personal Capital. He is an accomplished financial services visionary with an impressive track record of improving how people handle their money. Bill was formerly CEO of Intuit (makers of Quicken and TurboTax), and CEO of PayPal. He remains a board member of several prominent public and privately held companies.

Craig Birk, CFP®

VP of Portfolio Management

Craig serves as Executive Vice President of Portfolio Management. Prior to Personal Capital Advisors, he was a leader within the portfolio management team at Fisher Investments, helping invest over $40 billion for high net worth individuals and institutions. His responsibilities included risk management, portfolio implementation, and oversight of the Securities and Capital Markets research teams.

Kyle Ryan, CFP®

VP of Advisory Services

Kyle serves as Executive Vice President responsible for Personal Capital’s Advisory Services. Previously, Kyle held senior management positions within Merrill Lynch and Fisher Investments. While at Fisher, he was responsible for managing nearly every aspect of the organization, including all global trading operations, investment research, and high net worth advisory.

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