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You can view your dashboard and use your financial tools on your phone or tablet (via the app), or on your computer.


Link your accounts.

Get your complete financial picture.

Connect your financial accounts (IRAs, 401ks, mortgages, loans, checking, credit cards, savings) to see your net worth and get a holistic view of your money.

Begin tracking and planning.

Easily create a budget, plan for retirement, and track your investments with your dashboard.

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Talk to an advisor.

Begin your plan with honest, transparent advice.

Talk with one of our financial advisors* and even find one who has experience with your specific needs. They will go over your investing strategies, net worth, spending habits, new goals, and life events.

Create your retirement plan.

If you’re thinking about retirement, your financial advisor will help you with a personalized plan by showing you how to stay on top of your goals with our free Retirement Planner tool.

*Free initial consultation if you link at least $100,000 in investable assets through our financial dashboard.


Make a plan.

After our conversation, our financial advisor will go over your goals in detail and come up with a recommended comprehensive strategy—that's 100% free to do with as you wish.


Start investing.

Let’s invest together.

If you like what you see from our recommendations, you can talk with a Personal Capital advisor to implement your personalized financial plan and start meeting your goals.

We work for you.

We’re a fiduciary. Which means we’re here to serve you and are legally required to put your interests first—giving you peace of mind that you’re doing the right thing for your money.

To sum it up...


Link your accounts

Connect all of your external financial accounts (IRAs, 401ks, mortgages, loans, credit cards, checking, and savings) to get a comprehensive view of your money.


Talk to an advisor

We’ll discuss your investing goals, risk tolerance, retirement, and planning for the big stuff like a new baby, starting a business, saving for college, or remodeling your home.


Make a plan

We’ll help identify your investing and retirement goals to make sure we build an investment plan that fits your needs.


Start investing

Our advisors use our powerful, award-winning tools to provide you with deep insights to create a personalized, tax-optimized financial plan.

Get started. Build a complete picture of your finances.

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