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Additional Client Services

We offer our clients more than money management: Retirement Planning, Estate Planning, Home Purchases & Refinancing and Stock Options & Deferred Compensation

From how to prepare for retirement to what you’ll need to put your child through college, ask your Advisor to guide you through any of these planning stages:

401k Fund Allocation

Choosing the proper funds to invest within your 401k can be a daunting task, but we’re here to help! Simply send us a list of the available fund options within your company’s 401k, 403b, or HSA plan, and we can help discuss the options and see whether your 401k is as well diversified and strategically invested as your Personal Strategy.

Insurance Coverage

Most people have insurance, but many don’t have the proper amount or types of coverage. Let us take a look at your current policies, or make recommendations for purchasing new policies that will protect your loved ones. Because we are a fiduciary (meaning we always put your financial interests first) and we don’t sell insurance products, you never have to worry about conflicts of interest.

College Savings – 529 Plans

Taking on the cost of education requires a lot of planning, and it’s never too early to start thinking about this important financial topic. We’re available to discuss a variety of methods you can use to fund education expenses, and we’ll help you make sure you are paying for college in the most tax efficient ways.

Retirement Planning

Proper planning is an important part of making sure you’ll be financially secure throughout retirement, without the worry of outliving your hard earned income. Regardless of your life stage, we can help determine appropriate spending goals based on your assets and retirement income sources, when to take social security, and how to optimize your taxes.

Estate Planning

Are your legal documents in order and your accounts properly titled? Do you have a trust established? Do you even need one? We’ll advise you on what makes the most sense for your specific situation, taking all of your complex financial affairs into account. Being a partner in your financial life means managing your assets today, in addition to ensuring they are properly setup for the future.

Cash Flow & Debt Management

Life isn’t just about the assets on your balance sheet, it’s also about the debt. Are you spending too much (or maybe not enough)? Combining the powerful tools available in your Personal Capital dashboard with the personalized advice of your Advisor Team, we can help your liabilities, as well as your assets.

Creating a Savings Plan

Don’t know where you should be saving or if you’re saving enough? Know if you have “too much” cash on hand? Let’s spend some time discussing the most efficient ways to maximize your savings through retirement accounts and taxable investment accounts. Few things are more beneficial than compounding interest!

Legacy Planning & Charitable Giving

What will your financial legacy be? If you’re ready to consider what you would like to leave your family, or when to pursue charitable giving, we’re an unbiased resource ready to assist with these challenging, emotional decisions. Life is meaningful and complex, and we are here to provide support every step of the way.

Home Purchases & Refinancing

Purchasing a home is an exciting process, but it can be also be stressful! Whether you’re thinking about your first home purchase, refinancing or upgrading an existing home, or planning to buy an investment property, we can help determine where to pull funds for down payments. We’ll be a resource for comparing the variety of financing options you have, and we can often provide mortgage and lending solutions through our partners Pershing and Bank of New York Mellon. We do not receive any referral fees, discounts, or other incentives when we refer you to our partners for these services.

Stock Options & Deferred Compensation

Company stock options and deferred compensation plans can be a nice income source, but they’re not always so straightforward. Developing a comprehensive plan for managing your stock options, including when to exercise, when to sell, and what to do with the proceeds, can make enormous differences in what your options are ultimately worth to you. Our team can review your stock options and deferred compensation plans so you’re able to make the most educated decisions possible.

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