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Our investment methodology is built upon sector and style weighting, risk minimization, and tax optimization. We’ll build a personalized portfolio based on your unique situation and goals.

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A Sound Strategy

We’ll help you plan your financial future by using our Retirement Planner to identify the optimal approach to meet your financial needs.

We’ll tailor your portfolio strategy to your specific financial situation and to your level of risk tolerance.

We’ll work with you to build an investment plan that is both cost and tax-efficient.

Our Investment Strategy

Our investing strategy improves upon the traditional index approach with our award-winning technology and lower cost, giving you a personalized portfolio strategy and a team of advisors to execute it.

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Personal Strategy® Investing Principles

Our Investment Committee oversees investing based on our five guiding principles:


Because we see your complete financial picture, we can provide an efficient allocation. As your life evolves, we will recommend allocation adjustments to keep the strategy current with your ever changing situation.

We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” portfolio. Our approach is tailored to you and your goals. Together, we’ll create a plan that’s based on your preferences, and what stage you are in your life.

Tax location places assets in different account types to help minimize taxes (higher yield securities being placed in tax-sheltered accounts when possible). Tax-loss harvesting can offset realized capital gains and be written off against income up to relevant IRS limits.

Ongoing rebalancing, that occurs when the market presents opportunities, can help avoid costly emotional mistakes and helps you buy low, sell high, and remain well-diversified. Our research shows that regular rebalancing can significantly enhance portfolio value over time.

By limiting exposure to any one sector, size or style in favor of greater diversification and balance, you are better protected against downside risk when a particular market or segment declines.

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee is dedicated to constructing and maintaining strategic investment portfolios. This includes portfolio construction, security selection, portfolio monitoring, and trade oversight. The Committee combines expertise and decades of experience to build a wide range of portfolios designed to help clients like you meet their financial goals.

Our Team Of Experts

Our long-term wealth management strategies are shaped, in part, by advice from our Team of Experts, based on their decades of experience and extraordinary accomplishments.

Our Team of Experts includes a Nobel Prize winner and the father of Modern Portfolio Theory, the behavioral economist behind Save More Tomorrow, the former head of Stanford’s $20 billion+ endowment fund, and a former SEC commissioner who supports investor rights and the fiduciary standard.

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