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Private Client Group

We understand that your financial needs become increasingly complex as you accumulate greater net worth. That’s why we offer clients who invest $1 million or more with us, an extra layer of service and customization, with a reduced fee structure.

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Private Client Benefits

With our award-winning technology and personalized attention, you’ll have a global view of your portfolio, a highly personalized investment plan and comprehensive wealth planning.

You’ll receive exceptional level of attention and service, with direct access to a Certified Financial Planner and an entire team of registered financial advisors.

Expedited Attention & Personalized Service

We provide concierge setup for you on our apps and website and a fully guided tour of our tools. You can contact your advisor at any time – including nights and weekends – and receive a timely response.

Unprecedented Access

Attend interactive, exclusive quarterly conference calls with our Investment Committee, giving you direct access to our top portfolio decision-makers on a regular basis.

Private Company Investment Opportunities

Private equity, venture capital and angel investments are often presented to our clients. We will help you determine if these types of investments fit well with your overall strategy.

Your Personal Portfolio

We’ll construct your portfolio based on your unique situation, with an emphasis on institutional-style diversification and risk management. Then we’ll provide an implementation plan that takes into account your legacy holdings and cost basis. Here are some of the key benefits of our Private Client investment strategy:

Tax Efficiency at the Core

We’ll help you minimize your tax liability by using tax-efficient investment principles and tax-loss harvesting. We consider your tax-deferred and taxable accounts, placing each security in the most advantageous accounts for tax benefits. When you become a client, we’ll transfer your existing portfolio and determine the appropriate capital gains strategy to give you the best potential returns, net of taxes.

Holistic Wealth Management

We conduct in-depth retirement and legacy planning and provide a full suite of private banking services. Your Personal Capital Private Client account can truly be a one-stop shop for all of your financial and banking needs.

Your Financial Team Leader

We can take on a central coordination role on your behalf, by setting up an initial meeting between your estate lawyers, accountants and other advisors, and communicate with them regularly or on an as-needed basis.

Suite of Private Banking Services

We offer a unique set of products and services through our partnership with Bank of New York Mellon. We can help establish non-purpose lines of credit or enable check writing and a debit card from your account.

Legacy Planning

We work with you and your legal advisors on the trusts that will support, prepare and protect your children’s and grandchildren’s future. During quarterly check-ins, we’ll monitor and discuss the progress toward your goals.

Private Client Fees

Personal Capital has no hidden fees, no trailing fees and no trade commissions. Private Clients pay one simple advisory fee according to the following structure: