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Get personalized advice.
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Every investor is unique. That’s why we offer access to registered financial advisors, along with free tools, to help you build a personalized portfolio. Our approach includes Tax Optimization, our proprietary Smart Weighting strategy, and Dynamic Portfolio Allocation. We also offer Socially Responsible Investing options at no additional cost.
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Smart Weighting

By limiting exposure to any one sector, size or style in favor of greater diversification and balance, you are better protected against downside risk when a particular market or segment declines.

Tax Optimization

Tax location places assets in different account types to help minimize taxes (higher yield securities being placed in tax-sheltered accounts when possible). Tax-loss harvesting can offset realized capital gains and be written off against income up to relevant IRS limits.

Intelligent Rebalancing

Ongoing rebalancing, that occurs when the market presents opportunities, can help avoid costly emotional mistakes and helps you buy low, sell high, and remain well-diversified. Our research shows that regular rebalancing can significantly enhance portfolio value over time.

Dynamic Portfolio Allocation

Because we see your complete financial picture, we can provide an efficient allocation. As your life evolves, we will recommend allocation adjustments to keep the strategy current with your ever changing situation.

Our Wealth

Management Tiers

Investment Services
$100K to $200K investment assets
Receive financial and retirement planning guidance from our advisory team, to help you take charge of your money.
Unlimited advice and retirement planning help from financial advisors
A professionally managed ETF portfolio with reviews upon request
State-of-the-art digital tools

Wealth Management

Over $200K to $1M investment assets
Get dedicated advice and specialist support to help you manage your money as you face new financial challenges.
Two dedicated financial advisors
Specialists in real estate, stock options, and more
A customized portfolio with regular reviews
Tax optimization, thanks to individual stock investments

Private Client

Over $1M investment assets
You’re ready for one-on-one comprehensive financial planning to build customized investment plans to help you meet your lifestyle goals.
Two dedicated financial advisors
Priority access to our specialists and Investment Committee
In-depth specialist support for retirement and wealth planning
Private equity investment options

What to

We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” portfolio. Our approach is tailored to you and your goals. Together, we’ll create a plan that’s based on your preferences, and what stage you are in your life.

What you’ll cover on your first call.

  • How you can build a more tax-efficient portfolio

  • Insights on cash flow, spending, and budgeting

  • 401k advice, and our approach to diversification

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee is dedicated to constructing and maintaining strategic investment portfolios. This includes portfolio construction, security selection, portfolio monitoring, and trade oversight. The Committee combines expertise and decades of experience to build a wide range of portfolios designed to help clients like you meet their financial goals.
Headshot of Craig Birk, CFP®Craig Birk, CFP®Chief Investment Officer
Headshot of Michelle BrownsteinMichelle Brownstein, CFP®VP of Private Client Services
Headshot of James BurtonJames Burton, CFP®Chief Growth Officer
Headshot of Lacey CobbLacey Cobb, CFA, CFP®Director of Advice Solutions
Headshot of Amin DabitAmin Dabit, CFP®, CSRICVP of Advisory Service
Headshot of Brendan ErneBrendan Erne, CFA, CSRICDirector of Portfolio Management
Headshot of Kyle Ryan, CFP®Kyle Ryan, CFP®EVP of Advisory Services

Our Team Of Experts

Our long-term wealth management strategies are shaped, in part, by advice from our Team of Experts, based on their decades of experience and extraordinary accomplishments.

Our Team of Experts includes a Nobel Prize winner and the father of Modern Portfolio Theory, the behavioral economist behind Save More Tomorrow, the former head of Stanford’s $20 billion+ endowment fund, and a former SEC commissioner who supports investor rights and the fiduciary standard.

Headshot of Luis AguilarLuis AguilarFormer Commissioner at the Securities and Exchange Commission
Headshot of Shlomo Benartzi, PhDShlomo Benartzi, PhDBehavioral Finance Expert at UCLA and Author of Save More Tomorrow
Headshot of Bill HarrisBill HarrisFounder and Director
Headshot of Harry Markowitz, PhDHarry Markowitz, PhDNobel Prize Winner and Father of Modern Portfolio Theory
Headshot of John PowersJohn PowersFormer Head of the Stanford University Endowment
Headshot of Karen SchaefferKaren Schaeffer, CFP®Former Chair of the CFP® Board

Our Fee

We charge one all-inclusive annual management fee at a fraction of the cost of traditional financial institutions. There are no hidden fees, no trailing fees and no trade commissions.

For Investment Services & Wealth Management Clients
First $1M0.89%
For Private Clients
First $3M0.79%
Next $2M0.69%
Next $5M0.59%
Over $10M0.49%
Includes family tiered billing
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Socially Responsible


Invest for good with our Socially
Responsible Personal Strategy®

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